Villa Fokai Hotel in Yenifoca, Izmir, Turkey

Woke up early to a chilling balcony after a long day last night was such a great feeling and the funny travel moment of being dropped off in the middle of the highway is still clear and vivid. Each time hubby and I locked eyes, we laughed about it. Do read our previous post on what happened over at – Turkey: How to get to Yenifoça from Çanakkale.

View from Hotel Room

Imagine waking up and standing at the balcony overlooking the Aegean Sea and mountain. Amazing way to start the day isn’t it? We booked our stay at Villa Fokai Hotel from Agoda which is just a 5 minutes walk to the coast.


Villa Fokai Hotel Standard Double Room

Room Info

We got a standard double room which is spacious with a wide balcony at level 2. There are no elevator here. So if you are traveling with an elderly person or someone with wheelchair, kindly ask the hotel for a ground floor room.  It cost us about EUR 37 (round off) which is approximately SGD 59.

Room Amenities

The room is cozy with comfortable bed. It is furnished with a big wardrobe, a mini fridge by the side of the queen size bed, a bedside table, an armrest chair with a side table and a dressing table. There are towels, bedroom slipper and bottled water with 2 glasses neatly placed in the room.


The toilet is smaller than Canak Hotel but is pretty decent and nice for a relaxing shower.

Balcony View

We both love the floor to ceiling glass sliding door which opens up to the balcony. Hubby appreciates it as he could smoke outside while overlooking the surrounding as he enjoys the cool wind of winter. While I just love balconies with open views.

Yenifoca, Turkey – Villa Fokai Hotel Standard Double Room with Balcony View
Yenifoca, Turkey – Villa Fokai Hotel Standard Double Room with Balcony View


Villa Fokai Hotel Dining

Villa Fokai Hotel dining area is located at the ground floor separated with just a few short steps. A lovely cozy and warmth dining area with a view of the garden makes one feel like home. There is even a small fireplace to keep all of us warm in this winter weather with temperature of about 10 to 11 degree Celsius.


Though it was just our 3rd day in Turkey, I am loving their breakfast which always comes with cheese. A generous amount of it and it is fresh cheese! Cheese lovers can definitely relate ey? As we enjoy our meal and chatting away, there was a cat observing us the whole time! But it walked away as soon as we tried to communicate with it through the glass window.

Outdoor Dining

There is an outdoor table for anyone who wished to have their meal outside. Just look at these photos, isn’t it gorgeous? Simple yet beautiful. Thank you to the owner who offers to take our photo.

Checking Out

Hotel check out is at 12.30 pm and is straightforward and fuss free. Just return the keys and bid farewell.


Awesome stay by the coast of Aegean Sea with friendly staff. The room is clean and spacious. It is just a 5 minutes walk to the coast where the awesome attraction of the Aegean Sea is located. There are a wide variety of cafes and restaurants for dining too.

How to get to Villa Fokai Hotel | Directions to Villa Fokai Hotel

Getting here is easy. Just take bus 745 from Aliağa Station which will cost you 2.50 TL and tell them you want to go Yenifoca. The journey would take about 15-20 minutes. Be warned thought that the driver may not understand English.

Will we come back again?

We would definitely come back again soon as this place is truly one of the most gorgeous and less crowd in Turkey. Love it too? Book your stay with Villa Fokai Hotel via Agoda here.


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Till then…


Lia Schmolphin

Yenifoca, Turkey – Villa Fokai Hotel Standard Double Room with Balcony Photo
Yenifoca, Turkey – Villa Fokai Hotel Standard Double Room with Balcony Photo

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