What is your favourite funny moment while travelling? Apart from getting chewed by a goat back in Penang in April 2015 where you can view the video here, another funny moment which I will never forget is one while I was doing ‘Water Rafting’ activity back in Sabah.

I try not to put it in words for now, so I have drawn stickman to show you what happened and I hope I manage to send the message out well. Pardon my drawings and I hope you enjoy it!


Water rafting Flying Woman Gif
Water rafting Flying Woman Gif

How was it? Are you able to tell a story from that? Tell me what you think in the comment below yeah!

Thanks for dropping by everyone!


Lia Schmolphin


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2 thoughts on “Water Rafting Flying Woman

    1. Ahahaa yeah! That was truly unexpected! Tried my best to draw it as best as I could. Saw the position changed between 1 of the guide and another stickman as you mentioned when he asked you to move.. hahaa. Hope it was quite a good interpretation..

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