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Day 15, Tue, 11 November 2014

After a day of exploring Tanjung Aru Town yesterday, today is another slacking day where I’ve decided to just take a bus to Kinarut and wander around the area. The minibus to Kinarut is easily spotted at the terminal next to Parkson Mall with all other Red minibuses that goes to other areas of Sabah such as Penampang, Papar, Putatan, Kepayan and etc are parked. Look for the red mini bus number 20A for Kinarut which is located right at the end of the Terminal.

Before starting out my trip during noon, I spent the first half of the day at the hostel with the staff. I was lucky enough to be able to eat breakfast cooked by them. There were mee goreng (fried noodle), salted eggs and fried veggies which was really delicious and fulfilling. I owe all my thanks to Liza and Jessica who has made this in the morning. Thank you ladies. We had a great chat while eating before they start working and me packing for the day trip.

Day 15, 11.11.2014 Breakfast at Borneo BeacHouse
Day 15, 11.11.2014 Breakfast at Borneo BeacHouse

Arrived at the terminal around 12 noon and was told that the bus will move at around 1pm after lunch. So I head over to a nearby coffee shop at Parkson Wawasan Plaza Kota Kinabalu and filled my tummy with a delicious Chicken Bee Hoon Soup and a glass of cooling honeydew juice if I’m not mistaken.

I reached at the bus terminal just in time and in about 5 minutes, we departed. There was only a handful of us and the driver drives in a safe speed. I alight at Kinarut Beach. It was a lovely sight with not many people around except for a very few locals. There were a few boats which I believed is mostly used for fishing. From where I stand, the view of South China Sea opens up to me and I could see Pulau Mantukud and Pulau Dinawan. My initial plan was to visit Pulau Dinawan but since it is a private beach, we have to make bookings in advance to get there. So I skipped this plan and instead explore Kinarut Beach.

After an hour on the beach, I walk by the roadside till I saw Lydia’s Cafe and decided to have waffle ice-cream. The waffles and ice-cream with chocolate sauce satiates my sweet cravings.

With a happy tooth and tummy, I sat in the cafe watching the local staffs and patrons as I take in the view of the surrounding. I found myself smiling, satisfied with my 15 days traveling solo in Sabah. A few minutes later, I move off from the cafe and continue to wander until I saw ‘Langkah Syabas Beach Resort’ which is just a few minutes away from Lydia’s Cafe. I did not go in to explore further as I was too shy to ask but after I walked away, I’ve learnt my lesson, in the best way.

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If you walk further, next to Langkah Syabas Beach Resort, you’ll find Seaside Travellers Inn Beach Resort. This time, I braced myself to speak to the person-in-charge to ask if they do a trip to Dinawan Island. He said that they would be able to arrange for the tour upon request from guest. Then we chat a little and before I move off, I asked for permission to view and take photos of the resort and facilities. I was given the greenlight. Without delay, I head right up to the beachfront. It was such a spectacular view overlooking the South China Sea and the 2 Islands – Pulau Dinawan and Pulau Mantukud. I pinched myself for not booking the stay here. But I knew, I will be back someday.

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Before leaving the place with a heavy heart, I thanked the guy. As I walked out of Seaside Travellers Inn, I saw 2 local boys selling fish by the roadside of Kinarut, Sabah. They wait for any car who would stop by to buy. I was there and watched with anticipation for a good 10 minutes before the minibus arrives. In my mind, thousands of questions popped up and I regret for not approaching them to get the answers. This is another lesson I learnt during my travel.

2 local boys selling fish by the roadside of Kinarut, Sabah
2 local boys selling fish by the roadside of Kinarut, Sabah

We reached Kota Kinabalu in about half hour and the traffic in the City was busy as it is the peak hours where everyone has finally knocked off from work. There was a wet market by the sea even at this hour. So out of curiosity, I went to check it out. Here, they sell fresh fishes, seafood, vegetable and fruits. It was a great opportunity to hear local sellers and buyers negotiate prices and looking at the place in general doing their business.

We have come to an end about my trip to Kinarut. So if you are looking to go to a place still untouched and not yet known to most world outside, go to Dinawan Island and explore then come back and share with us!

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