Explore Turkey – Çanakkale Truva Turizm Bus – Stop at Ayvalik Ekbir Park Cafeteria

26 December 2017

Being in Çanakkale for a day is not enough to us. Though we managed to explore the city, there are more places we would love to visit. If you are wondering what we did or where we go, read our previous post on ‘A day in Çanakkale‘.

Before moving on to our next destination in Izmir, we inquired a few bus companies for the time, price and to confirm the drop off location. So if you are getting to Yenifoça from Çanakkale or want to know how to get there, please read on as we have important note for you too.

If you prefer to skip to directions, you may read the Summary below (click the link to direct you below).

Bus Companies

There are about 3 different bus companies and they are Truva, KâmilKoç and Metro. Some of the schedule timings I have noted for:

KâmilKoç; 19:30 and 01:00 and the fare is 45 TL for a 4 – 5 hours ride to Aliağa.

Truva; 16:15, 18:15, 23:15 and the fare is 65 TL for a 4 – 5 hours ride to Aliağa.

Metro Bus

We didn’t write down the timings of Metro coach. Though the staff was unable to speak English, they are kind enough to write down and explain on paper that the journey is approximately 3 hours and that they will stop at Aliağa. They also wrote that Yenifoça is about 30 km from Aliağa and will take another 45 mins to reach. However, they missed out on writing the time for us and we didn’t ask for it since we already have other timings from other bus companies. Besides, the 3 hour drive make us skeptical about it.

Truva Bus

For KâmilKoç and Truva, the staff wrote down the timings of the buses leaving that day on a piece of paper. Truva staff, Nuray was really accommodating, friendly and patient. I keep asking whether they really are dropping us at the station and not highway and she keep saying ya. Well, that’s a problem if we don’t speak their language and they don’t speak English. They could just ya to everything we ask.

After some discussion and research between us, we decided to go with Truva departing at 18:15. Paid a total of 130 TL (65 TL each pax) for the bus ticket to Yenifoça. Besides, Metro and KâmilKoç receives a few bad reviews unlike Truva. Having said that, please note that you are welcome to try those 2 services with open mind. We believed that they would have some improvements by now but do not take our word for it.

Çanakkale Truva Turizm Main Office

It was already about 3.50 pm when we made the bookings. Since we have about 2 hours plus, we placed our bag at Çanakkale Truva Turizm Office where we told to wait for our bus at the pickup time. Kindly ask the staff where you can place your bag. Please note that there are no lockers. Therefore, bring along your valuable items and leave your backpack or luggage behind.  The office is located along the roundabout and it’s easy to spot. Then we continue to find a place for a great sunset and head on to Napoli Pizza for dinner.

Boarding Truva

At 6 pm we were already back at Truva office and the staff instructed all of us to head over to the feribot terminal for the bus. We waited patiently with a little uncertainty as it was already 6.20 pm and no sign of the said bus. We checked with other passengers to ensure that we are at the right place and they confirmed it. Our bus came about 2 minutes later and passengers from Izmir alighted while we wait for our turn to board. Finally, the bus departed at 6.30 pm. The time displayed infront of the bus just for show. It doesn’t even change.

Çanakkale Truva Turizm Bus Service

Like most coach services around the world, Truva Turizm Bus is air-conditioned, modern and equipped with entertainment such as movies,films and TV series. They also provide headphones and snacks served by their steward who would give you the choices of drinks and snacks which you can pick based on your preference. The bus got washed up while in Ayvalik Ekbir Park Terminal where we stopped longer than the rest. Almost every stop has their own souvenir shop. As we are at a higher location, the temperature dropped to 11 degree Celsius that night.

Dropping off in Izmir

I was sharing with Le hubby about an experience I had back in Sabah when I was dropped off in the middle of the highway with no lights and no nearest pump station for shelter. So we were hoping that it won’t happen this time. Then suddenly the bus stopped. In total, Truva bus stops about 4 times before alighting us in the middle of the highway. Yes, you read it right. We were dropped off at a junction to Yenifoça and not at any bus station as per what the Truva staff assured us! The junction was dark with no lights and there were way too many big trucks passing by to use the junction. And the lights were all from the vehicles passing by.

When the bus zoom off, we were in total disbelief and could only watch it get further and out of sight. Then we tried to contact our hotel but to no avail. Walking to our hotel may be possible but note that the distance is about 20 km! Which means that walking may take more than 2 hours.

Explore Turkey – Çanakkale Truva Turizm Bus Dropped off in the middle of highway towards Izmir
Explore Turkey – Çanakkale Truva Turizm Bus Dropped off in the middle of highway towards Izmir

Saved in Izmir

It is totally not safe to be standing there as those big lorry and trucks may knock us down if we are not careful or if the drivers are not alert. Since there was a nearby petrol station which is about 1 – 2 km away, we decided to walk over for shelter and safety purpose. But halfway there, a car stopped and asked if we needed help. We asked if he could send us to our hotel and he agreed.

Sighing a breath of relief, we got in the car and stay awake throughout. We realized how deep and a little bumpy the road is as there was a renovation going on. Plus, the road is pitch dark towards our destination. Thank goodness the kind local dropped us right infront of the gate and in fact, he waited till the hotel staff answered before leaving us behind. Such a kind gesture. He did asked for a fare which we had the intention of giving him anyway. We negotiate and agreed to an amount.

So that is why the Important Note below will advise you to never trust if any bus companies say they can stop you at Yenifoça. You can check this bus ticket online website to book your tickets. Note that we have not tried it at all so we are not able to comment or review anything about the website. Kindly check online for the reviews.

Important Note

If any bus companies say they go to Yenifoça, that is not true. The nearest station they will stop you at is Aliağa Station. But they can alight you at the junction to Yenifoça if you have a car waiting for you there. Contact your hotel and enquire if they can pick you up at the junction or at Aliağa Station.

Yenifoça is about 30 km from Aliağa and will take another 45 mins to reach via a local bus or cab. Therefore we advise you to take either the earliest bus or those that departs before 1 pm. So as to be able to reach Aliağa Station before 6 pm to catch the local bus to Yenifoça.


In summary, wherever you are from, if you need to get to Yenifoça, driving is the fastest way. It takes less than 3 hours to reach unlike taking the bus. That’s because buses will stop every now and then to pick up passengers which drags the time longer to about 5 – 6 hours. If you are taking the bus, inform the counter staff that you are getting to Aliağa Station. From Aliağa Station, take bus 745 to Yenifoça. The journey takes around 20 minutes and the fare is about 2.5 TL. Also note that the bus driver may not be able to speak English. He uses his hand signal of 5 TL for both of us.

You can also travel by train if you are from other locations in Izmir. Make use of the Izban Train and alight at Aliaga Station. Ensure to get your Izmircard before traveling as some station do not sell the card.

Explore Turkey – Izban Train Route in Izmir
Explore Turkey – Izban Train Route in Izmir

We hope this post helps you in planning your trip to Yenifoça. If you know the bus schedule of 745, please comment or email us. We would love to know the timing for the first and last bus.

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