Simple Life of Kampung Kids in the River 9

Kampung means Village in English. Have you ever been to one before? Kampung can be found in Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand and in Singapore, there is only one or two areas which is still in a kampung condition. The rest of the areas in Singapore have been upgraded and modernised with high rise hdb flats.

Do you know what I love most about living in Kampung?


It’s the nature, simple, laid back and fuss free life one can have. It’s about appreciating what you have. As a city girl, I find solace when I stay over at my cousins place and watching these kids having their great time never fails to make me smile from deep within.

These photos of my cousins with their relatives and friends were taken back in December 2014. Look at how the kids rely on the simple resources around them to have fun and nothing can stop them. Well, except a few years later when they found a big snake in that river. More on that in other post… For now, I hope you’re smiling while looking at the photos and video.

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Here’s a video for you. Seriously, they are truly happy to entertain my request and here I am, happily watching them splash around as I hold my niece.

Gosh, now I feel like transporting back to kampung. I hope you like this post!


Lia Schmolphin


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