Salam and ola everyone! I’m back from 2 weeks of honeymoon and would love to review on one of our accommodations we’ve stayed at on the 28th to 29th December 2017.

Here’s presenting you;

Seaview Faralya Butik Otel in Uzunyurt, Fethiye, Turkey

Seaview Faralya Butik Otel in Uzunyurt, Faralya, Turkey, Bed View
Seaview Faralya Butik Otel in Uzunyurt, Faralya, Turkey, Bed View

This is the wonderful view you’ll see as you wake up from your beauty sleep with your love one right next to you. Gorgeous isn’t it?

Sadly, during our stay, the weather was a little tad moody, the sky keeps crying, shedding its tears all over the place that causes the day to look cloudy and a little gloomy. But when this photo was taken, it was a little bright so we’re able to capture this to share with you. =)

The host, Alison & Onder, has 4 wooden cabins situated among the Olive trees located on the side of the mountain overlooking the Aegean Sea in Uzunyurt Koyu in Faralya, a rural location in Fethiye, Turkey. We were lucky to be the only couple staying in one of their cabin that day, so we get their full attention.

From the start, upon making our reservations for this place in Airbnb, I received an email shortly after from Alison who sent her greetings and friendly note that they are looking forward to see us. We admit that it has warmed our hearts and put a smile on our faces as we were looking forward to end our working week for the long awaited honeymoon.

I had emailed Alison to enquire with regards to buses and after giving us the info, she had kindly offered to pick us up at the bus terminal in Fethiye upon reaching. We were informed that Onder, Alison’s husband, will pick us up. When we reached Fethiye Terminal, Onder approached us and at first, we thought that he was one of those men selling tickets and so, tiredly, we just say, “No, no, we are waiting for someone.”

Then the moment he asked if we had booked Seaview Faralya and that he’s Onder, Alison’s husband, only then we realised it’s our host. We felt ashamed and apologise to him.

Onder led us to his car and the journey took us about 45 – 50 minutes before reaching our stay for the night. The night drive along the curvy road is awesome though it looks a little scary as the bends are pretty sharp at some point. There was a part when Onder suddenly swerved his car to the left as he said that there was a wild dog. We didn’t notice it though.

Anyway, we had safely reached the place at about 10pm and was greeted by Alison, who is full of smiles. Onder then brought us to our wooden cabin which stood below the host cabins and restaurant, to the end of the right side of the place.

It may be dark but we were amazed at how attractive the place had been decorated with stone pathways, lamp post, trees and flowers planted. At that moment, I can’t wait for the morning sun to rise to see the place in daytime.

As we stepped on the slope to our cabin, hubby and I locked eyes filled with awe & delight. The feeling was so surreal that we smiled at each other from ear to ear, hand in hand, tightening our grip as we walked to the front door.

The dark view of the ocean with the light sea breeze welcomed us in a cooling gesture that drift us away for a second but Onder’s voice snapped us back to reality as we almost got lost in the moment. He opened the door and showed us our amazingly creative room filled with scents of wood, beautifully folded towels and plastic flowers on the beds for us, the newly wed. He then asked if we’d like to get dinner and we agreed. So he left us and head back up.

Everything inside the cabin was made out of wood and chopped logged woods. All items such as the drinks and toiletries are neatly arranged and the room is clean. Each wooden cabin has a balcony and a private bathroom and we really love the toilet. We also love the creative bedside wooden table which we find it cute.

After settling down, we went back up to the restaurant for dinner. It may be cold outside but inside the restaurant, it was really cosy and warm which makes us feel relaxed after a 5 hours bus journey. The place have been decorated with colourful Christmas decorations. What’s more, we are accompanied by their lovely cats and dogs. We had a little chat and then Onder asked if we’d like to have steak and we thought it would be great so we agreed.

Onder whipped everything up like any great chef will do and we love the homemade pita bread best. It’s soft and delicious. Then comes the steak. Tadaaa!

Once our tummy is full, we pay for our dinner and head back to our cabin. We stroll back down slowly to enjoy the cold weather a little more and plus the stone pathway was a little slippery for hubby who is wearing his sports shoe while my rubber boots is doing fine. While hubby smoke outside, I lie happily in bed smiling as I watched him looking out to the sky. Tried to capture a picture of him but then he turned around and got mine. So this is what we got.

When morning comes, as usual, being the first to wake up, I roll back the curtains and gaze out to the Aegean Sea which by now is showing it’s colour but due to the moody sky, the sea looks sombre.

While we were busy getting ready for breakfast, it rained suddenly. But…. by the time we get out about 15 mins later, the rain simmered down and I saw a rainbow! It was so bright at first then slowly it fades. I shriek in excitement to notify hubby who is busy locking the door. He then turned around and we both look at it in awe, smiling widely and feeling lucky. My lips couldn’t stop saying, “Alhamdulillah”.

The rainbow we saw was cut into half. The other side seems to be hiding behind the thick clouds. We stood at our balcony for awhile then walk slowly to the restaurant for breakfast, while stealing glances at it till it fades away.

Seaview Faralya Butik Otel Rainbow after Rain
Seaview Faralya Butik Otel Rainbow after Rain

Now that it’s daytime and as we could see the real colours of the surrounding, we love the place even more. It’s filled with a sense of peace amongst the green trees and blue oceans. It feels so relaxed and free from the hustle and bustle of the city life. An amazing break away from the busy lifestyle back home.

Breakfast was served and we had chosen scramble eggs for our meal. It was such a hearty one which is a great start to our morning. As I was about to bite my bread, I looked up and again, start to squeal in delight when I saw the other right side arch of the rainbow. We felt really lucky to have seen the other side of it. I even left my breakfast to go out and snap more photos of it, leaving hubby with Onder.

I took my time and then went back up to finish my breakfast. They have an indoor and outdoor dining area. But due to the cold weather and rain, we had our meal indoor where there’s a heater to keep us warm. The outdoor area is lovely during summer or great clear days. But being inside is as wonderful as it is.

We chatted with Onder for quite awhile on various topics and after breakfast, we had planned to hike down to the nearest beach, Aktas Beach. However, we decided to head back to the cabin first as we both needed the bathroom. Unfortunately, we ended up falling asleep and by the time we woke up, it had started to pour again and the sky has gotten darker by now. It’s really a waste that we aren’t able to explore Aktas Beach. It’s really a lovely beach, I’m sure. But too bad, with the rain plus we’re suppose to check out at 1 pm (we asked for late check-out), we decided to proceed on to our next destination.

Since I was the one arranging for all of our accommodation and though I had shown hubby of this place, he was still overjoyed that I have booked this one. I’m glad hubby loves it. We truly recommend this stay to anyone who is up for a place away from the city and for those who would like to feel living on a hillside among the trees, overlooking the sea. Also, this place is great for sunset viewing. Sadly, since we reached at night, we had missed the opportunity.

Please kindly note that this place is best if you are doing self-drive. Otherwise, please arrange with Alison for transfer pick up as the dolmuses here are currently not as frequent as it may use to be. You may want to request pick up from Oludeniz, the nearest convenient location for pick-up.

As mentioned earlier, I booked this stay through Airbnb and paid SGD $73.63 inclusive of service fee. If you haven’t signed up, here’s an invite from me, to get $45 SGD off your first trip of $100 SGD or more. If you prefer to book via Agoda, click here.

To wrap it up, it has been a great honeymoon stay even for just 1 night in Seaview Faralya Butik Otel. We are both contented with the service before and after and for the friendly, genuine and kind hospitality offered throughout our stay. Both the host, Alison and Onder always ensures that we are comfortable and warmth. Thank you both for everything and we wish that your future business plans will go smoothly and prosper even more for the rest of the days and years ahead. We will definitely be back one day!


Lia Schmolphin & Wan Whirling

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