Day 5, Sat, 1 November 2014:

Kaansayan Minatong! 😊

In Murut language, it means ‘Selamat Datang’ in Malay or ‘Welcome’ in English.

On the 5th day of my solo trip, I woke up early to check-out at 7am just so I could take a train back to KK-Beaufort. But the railway broke down hence no trains will be available for the day.

So I decided to head over to Sabah Agriculture Park which is known as S.A.P in short. I have read up on it before my trip and it was meant to be my back up plan.

Before heading towards my destination for today, I got my breakfast from one of the shops nearby the bus area where you can find buses heading towards KK and a few other areas in Sabah.

I had a hearty meal of Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng and an ice milo for a price of RM4.50. The choices are spread like a buffet style and you just choose what you want, go to the counter and pay. So you don’t have to specifically select 1 dish.

I had a great breakfast that filled my tummy to the brim, all ready for the next activity. I walked around the area for awhile before getting on a cab that charges me RM4 for the trip. There’s 1 uncle who wanted to charge me RM10. So don’t forget to haggle for a good price since they are not using the meter fare.

You will alight inside the park at the Visitor’s Centre and all you need to do is get to the counter and purchase your ticket. It cost me RM25 as a foreigner. Malaysians will be charged at RM10, free for disabled (this is what I love about Malaysia), children btw 6-13 will be charged at RM10 for foreigners, RM5 for M’sians. While kids below 6 is entitled to a free entrance for any citizen. If you’re here with your family, there’s a package price for you too. This park is open daily except Monday from 9am to 5.30pm. And the last entry is at 4.30pm and the gate will be closed at 5.30pm.

You may rent a few items from the counter as well such as the hostels, chalet, camping, bicycle and the Multi-Purpose Hall. You may refer to the chart below. Again, all this prices are based in 2014.

There’s a big group of students that day. So atleast I know I won’t be alone.

I started exploring the Park at about 9.15am. It was huge and beautiful. The gorgeous shades of greeneries around the park is simply majestic. With a touch of colours that comes from the flowers and fruits, makes it even more oustanding. Not forgetting the smooth blue sky that makes my photos appears just as gorgeous without having the need to filter anything to it.

I’m in awe, I keep breathing in deep and exhale with a smile. The fresh O2 given out here is abundant and it gives me so much energy.

You can ride on the adorable tram below if you don’t feel like sweating it out. But I chose to walk. There are many kinds of fruits ranging from jackfruit, papaya, bananas, mangoes and I am so tempted to pluck it. There’s even chillies, corns, brinjals and many more.

The Sabah Agriculture Park is built on a 200 hectare site and was developed and maintained by the Agriculture Department. It is a park that offers visitors both recreational and educational activities.

There will be security guard on duty cycling around the area. As I continued on, Julius, one of the security guard who saw me wandering alone, decides to get down and tell me more about this place and his culture.

He has been working there for awhile and through our converstaion, I was told that he comes from the ‘Murut’ people which literally mean ‘Hill People’ and he lives in Tenom. And that’s when I learnt that Murut is one of the biggest population apart from the Kadazandusuns which top as the highest, Bajaus as the next, followed by Murut. Murut inhibits mostly the interior and southeastern part of Sabah such as Keningau, Kemabong, Sipitang, Tenom, Beaufort, Kuala Penyu and a few more areas as well as some parts in Sarawak and Kalimantan.

Murut has a bit of similarity to the Kadazandusun where the men will go headhunting to prove their power and the strength to be a family man.

However I also understand that for Murut people, they are sub-divided into groups as well. And his ancestors are from those who believes in astrology. It was interesting to hear as we walk and talk. While I was in amazement of the Park, I was intrigued by his stories as well. Then I continued my exploration and he proceed with his duty.

I observed that more foreigners came to visit during noon and they are mostly from China and Japan.

A group of families are here too and there are a few local couples as well.

I love the cactus area the most. It somehow reminds me of the desert. The only cactus I see in Singapore are limited. Here, you’ll get to see the varieties of cactus plants in different shapes, sizes and lengths and as tall as you.

There are mini parks with seats for you to rest your feet, drink up or just for photography. A man-made lake and also a mini zoo where you can see some animals around. You can get some souvenirs at the exit in the souvenir shop. I bought a few packets of Tenom Coffee.

If you have more time in Sabah, I’ll definitely recommend you to visit this place with your kids and family. There’s so much you can educate your children, partner and family.

Here’s a map of the Park.

Sabah Agriculture Park Map
Sabah Agriculture Park Map

I was there from 9.15am to 2pm, rounding the whole park. RM25 is worth it for a clean, educational and satisfying views and photography. I have so much photos to share but it will then be a spoil alert to you. So come on down and experience it yourself. It’s nothing like the Chinese Garden or the Botanic Gardens in Singapore.

I was told that there are buses to Tenom. But I waited for 1hr 45mins and there are no buses in sight. It’s already 3.45pm. So I went back in to the counter and asked for help to call the cab. But that would cost me RM20. I was seriously shocked and even when they tried to negotiate with the cab company, it doesn’t help. Because I needed to catch the bus to KK at 4pm, I just had to go with it. But I was just a minute too late. The bus just left when I reached Tenom. So what did I do? Will share in the next post. Do subscribe if you hadn’t yeah. =)

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