1st – 2nd March 2014

There’s endless ways to celebrate ones birthday. From a mini gathering or party right at home or chalet, to grand celebrations held in hotels or even a short getaway to either somewhere nearby or far away.

This year in March, we celebrated our Malaysian friend 22nd birthday at a chalet in Malaysia. Another friend of us help to book 2 joint rooms at a pretty affordable price. We’ve agreed on Desaru Damai Beach Resort in Desaru for our short 2D1N birthday celebration trip and decided to have Hawaiian Theme with white tops. This is just your average chalet, not the ones with water activities or inside entertainment.

Desaru is a coastal resort area located in Southeastern part of Johor, Malaysia. There’s a few resorts around, catering to all types of budget. Just to name a few, there’s Lotus Resort, Pulai Desaru, Golden Beach, Damai Resort and a few more. Here’s a map on where our resort is located.

Desaru Damai Beach Resort Map
Desaru Damai Beach Resort Map

Eversince the Senai-Desaru expressway was built and opened in 2011 for locals and Singaporeans to use, the drive up has been reduced by 1 hr. Which means if you are from Johor, a 60-80km/h drive will get you there in about an hour instead of 2 hours. I love road trips and I really really enjoy the journey. I keep putting my head out to feel the wind just like a little curious girl. Oh, how I wished I have driving licence. It would be a great drive! *Soon.*

It’s neutral for a driver or rider to want to race or speed up along the journey due to the long and seemingly empty road. But please, I will not encourage you to do that due to regular heavy vehicles passing by. Yes, lorries do use that route too so do not drive or ride at high speed. It’s a 1 way lane by the way. So stay safe, drive in leisure and enjoy the scenery.

This resort is easy to find and for those looking for fancy or exquisite place, this is not for you. Because of the age, it may look a bit creepy and old to some people, especially the exterior of the resort seen from the road *sorry no pics taken*. Well, it’s relatively an old chalet but definitely not worn down. It may have that creepy look on the exterior but the interior isn’t that bad. And it’s not perfect either. So, if you have high expectations and one who is fussy, please, get another high standard resort. This chalet is famous with families who just want to spend time barbequing, chill and relax.

Both of our ground floor rooms are clean and tidy. 1 room for the ladies, which is only 2 of us and another for the guys shared by 5 people. They have bathtub in the toilets too. But like I say, don’t expect much. Here’s the hotel interior, our room and views from the beach.

At night, the wind is super super awesome! It’s cool and strong and I REALLY mean very strong wind. Just the way I want and love it! Bbq pits must be booked at counter for rm100 and they will provide you with charcoals. The beach wasn’t for swimming on that day. So if you see red flags, stay clear. Breakfast is simple, nothing fancy. They serve cereals, toasted or non-toasted breads, nasi lemak and sides such as sausages, etc. Not much recreational rooms too. But there’s volleyball place for you to enjoy. The only setback I have is the fridge & doors. Hopefully it will be fixed by the management.

In case you need to find last minute items such as balloons, thongs, plastic, etc, there’s a rm2 shop nearby along the road. What can you do in Desaru? Wait up for my updates soon.

We had a blast celebrating Hafeez birthday, making him wear the Hawaiian tutu skirt and dance for us. Thank God he’s sporting enough. It was cute. Since we ordered a little too much because the rest couldn’t make it, we had a night full of barbequed chickens, corns, sweet potatoes, fried mee hoon and satay.

Falling asleep isn’t a problem. In fact, all of us had a great rest for the night. I woke up easily without any alarm clocks and boy! I’m happy that I chose to lookout the window to find that I was in time to view sunrise right infront of my eyes! I jumped for joy and wake everyone up to view the sunrise together. All of us did except those 2 sleepyheads who won’t budge out from the bed.

We spent about 15 minutes experiencing the sunrise in silence, challenging each other to run, splashing, taking photos and trying to jog. There’s a sense of calmness, peace and serenity that I love about beaches. It’s really a good way to take some time out to laze and unwind from our busy life.

What’s not to be missed here? The sunrise!

If you are looking for a budget and cheap getaway, why not drive up to Desaru and loosen up. It’s really worth it. Hope you love this as much as I do! Don’t you find the sunset beautiful?



The organiser & assistant
The organiser & assistant

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