Back in February 2002, it was a month of joy, welcoming another human into our family. 15 years passed and this year it’s my little sister’s birthday once again.

Dad got it all under control on his own for the first time ever. From booking the hotel rooms to the cake ordering. While mum prepared the food and me?… I was recovering so they gave me that ‘You just rest more’ moment. 😊Blessed.

Initially dad wanted to book a chalet somewhere unaccessible without vehicle near Tanah Merah MRT at a price of $600++. So when he told me of his idea, me, being a cautious spender, told him it wasn’t a good idea as it may be inconvenient for her friends to come, knowing they are all below 16 with no driving or riding licence. Plus, with that amount of money, he could plan a trip for atleast 2 person.

I shared with him my plan to initially bring little sis and the family for a day of fun at Adventure Cove, in Sentosa, a place where both of us are dying to go. And its meant to be a surprise. However, our conversation was cut short as I was teaching when he called.

Once tuition ends, my whatssap was filled with his messages and photos. To my surprise, he just booked a Deluxe Room in Resorts World, Festive Hotel at a price of $200++ for a night stay. Well, though I still feel it’s a waste of money to splurge such amount for just 1 night, it’s much better than spending $600+ eh? Besides, once a year staycationing in your own little city with your family is just priceless isn’t it?

During checking in, the waiting time was abit slow. The queue was long and it really takes awhile that pisses a few customers infront of us who keeps complaining to us how slow it was. I takes roughly about 30-45 mins to finally get our keys.

And when we did get attended to, the service from the staff wasn’t a great experience. She told us our room no. and gave us the keys and monorail passes. She was unfriendly and not polite when asking for deposit payment. Even my dad commented on how such service is unacceptable.

Anyway, getting to the rooms is easy. Turn left from the reception counter and at the end, turn left to the lift lobby. Our room is at level 6. Here’s a pic of the interior, toilet and room of Resorts World Festive Hotel. What’s missing is the Tv Corner which I forgot to snap.


I really adore the spacious toilet that can fit a whole lot of us and even more! The big space can make one releases their stress and keep the soul rejuvenated during shower. If only there’s a bathtub, wow! I would be glad to soak myself with a book in hand and a hot chamomile tea by the side. And that would have been a great ‘me’ time for the day.

The toiletries are in-house brand and there’s towels neatly organised with hairdryer at the side.

The deluxe room comes with 2 single bed and a 2 seater sofa bed. It fits the 5 of us who stayed for the night nicely. The wardrobe comes with an electronic safe box, 2 bath robes, 3 sizes of bedroom slippers, iron board, iron, a few hangers and an extra pillow, all neatly placed.

The ceiling comes with a beautifully decorated flowers that matches the wall poster by the headboard.

Not everything nice is perfect. The flaws with these room is the TV, it keeps asking for service. So we had to call the technician atleast twice. The first time he came, the TV works but after that the screen went blank again and it requires service again. And the second time, the technician came abit late. We had to call twice when he finally appears to fix it. Thank goodness, after that, we had no problem with the TV.

And what else is great? The view over at the balcony! Just look at these photos. You can see the cable cars, PSA cranes and Hardrock Cafe Hotel. Balconies has always given me a sense of relief, a place where I can stretch my hand, put my head back and just breathe.


We set up the food for the invited guest who are mostly sis school mates and friends. Once they have reached and ate the meals, we went down to the pool and set up for the cake cutting. There’s about 8 – 10 cabanas by the side of the pool for families to gather. We manage to get 1 and decorate it with balloons. Thank you to the swimming pool staff who gave me the strings for us to tie the balloons. It’s such a great place for sis cake cutting. The cabanas are filled with a table and chairs as below.


We have not tried the pool so we are not able to comment much on it. But there are happy guest around in the adult and baby pool. And the pool seems clean. It looks really tempting but since I did not bring along any swimming suit, therefore I didn’t get a chance to wade in it.

Resorts World Festive Hotel Pool
Resorts World Festive Hotel Pool

Will I come back again? Maybe yes. Overall it was a good stay with cosy rooms and great view, depending on which room you got.

And oh, every guest will be given complimentary parking during their stay, limited to one exit from the hotel per day and upon check-in, guests will be provided with complimentary Sentosa Pass (monorail) to enjoy unlimited transportation between Sentosa Island and Harbour Front (VivoCity).

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Sentosa, you may want to consider this Resorts World Festive Hotel.



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