Day 12, Sat, 8 November 2014

The last 2 days of climbing Mount Kinabalu has left me with even more energy and strength. But today, all I wanna do is just relax and explore other parts of Kota Kinabalu before facing another big day tomorrow. If you’d like to know how to get to Tanjung Aru Beach, read on…

KK Bus Destinations from Bus Terminal
KK Bus Destinations from Bus Terminal

While I was busy browsing through magazines and information booklet, the staff of Borneo BeacHouse were busy repainting the place. Each one focusing on different walls with a touch of their skills. They look so serious in the photo right? But in reality, they were a little playful which makes it all fun.

At around 1pm, Jose and I went out to KK by taking the big bus which stops at the bus stop near our hostel. It only cost RM1 to get to the city. Once we alight, we parted to settle our personal stuff.

I went to Diverse Borneo to make payment for tomorrow’s activity and walk around Wisma Sabah to checkout more tour prices to see if there is anything worth taking up for without burning a hole but nothing caught my eyes.

So then I head off to Sabah Park Jetty at Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen to check out the area. This would be a great place for sunset viewing if you do not have time to go Tanjung Aru Beach.

Before heading back to the hostel, I went to Kinabalu big market to get oil (RM3.50), red bean (RM3), sago (RM3) and fresh coconut milk in hopes to make some dessert this week.

When finally I’m done, I head back to the hostel by taking the bus below at Terminal Wawasan and stop at Jalan Mat Salleh which is right outside of the hostel. Do note that this bus requires 3/4 to full passengers before departing so it may take awhile. If you are in a hurry, taxi might be the best option. Yes, this bus stop at Tanjung Aru Beach where you can get the best of sunset views in Sabah.

Here’s the bus route for all the minibus.

Minibus 16c from Kota Kinabalu City to Tanjung Aru Beach
Minibus 16c from Kota Kinabalu City to Tanjung Aru Beach

Back in the hostel, the girls were busy preparing dinner and I was invited to have dinner with them. The staff who mostly consist of internship students from the Philippines, and 2 Sabahans In-Charge and 1 Sabahan driver, take turns to prepare dinner. So today, the girls are in charge in the kitchen.

Here’s our simple yet satisfying dish to be eaten with fried noodle (not in photo). As someone who went back kampung regularly, this simple dishes is a norm to me. And in fact, I just love it.

Yesterday was the boys day cooking and so I took a video while they cook. Rudy was busy preparing steam fish with Awang and Rajib had cooked the crabs earlier, all to be eaten with rice. What a great way to end my climb last night with great food and companions. Thank you Rudy, Awang, Rajib, Rey, Jose, Liza and Jess.

Here’s the video of the guys with Rudy trying to speak English and he has improved alot while Awang is still shy with his English.

I had an early rest, all ready for another day tomorrow. I am super duper excited yet truly deeply nervous. So what am I up to? Subscribe to follow me on my ventures! 😊

Till then…


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