Pulau Perhentian with GoPro JB
Pulau Perhentian 2015 Trip with GoPro JB

11-13 September 2015
38 adults + 5 adorable kids

42 Malaysians, 1 Singaporean
Rm550 for 3d2n package includes;

20 mins walk from SG kastam to JB Kastam all alone. Thanks to ApisJid for fetching me and sending me back, Zura for allowing me to stay the night over at your place.

Depart: Thur, 10 Sept at 10pm, reached Kuala Besut on Fri, 11 Sept about 8+am, 10 hrs bus ride.

Back: Sun, 13Sept, 3pm from Kuala Besut, reached Johor Masai at 1++ am, 10 hrs bus ride.

I was invited by my new friend, a couple in Malaysia whom I get to know during my Krabi trip last February 2015 to a weekend getaway with his GoPro JB team to Pulau Perhentian Kecil in Terengganu. Previously, they had invited me to their Tioman trip last month but my schedule was too tight. So this time, I’ve decided to go with it. I don’t usually travel in big groups. But somehow, I was thinking why not, it might be interesting and different for once.

As a sign of support to my new friend, who is the President of GoPro JB, I’ve decided to take up the invitation to have fun with them.

My assembly location was at Shell in Masai, Johor at 9pm. I ended work a little late at about 6pm from Singapore. And to end at that timing on a Friday, was such a big mistake. By the time I board bus 170 from Bukit Timah, it was already 6.30pm and reached Singapore checkpoint at about 7pm and the crowd is crazy. Apart from vehicle jammed, this is HUMAN jam.

Lucky me, mum introduced MACS (Malaysia Automated Clearance System) in 2013 which allows the user to get in and out of Johor conveniently and without needing any chop on our passport. Though the queue at every counter is full, MACS always seems to be empty. So when I get right to the end of the checkpoint after squeezing my way through to where the MACS lane is, I felt like a model walking down the lane, pretending like I was doing that advertisement ad to promote ‘MACS’.

You know, that kind of ad where you walk happily down the line next to a full lane of people who watch you stride to the empty counter smiling happily and right after you have successfully leave the auto-gate, you turn around and say while showing off your MACS, “Want a fuss-free clearance? Apply for MACS!”

For more information about MACS and who can apply, kindly visit;

MACS website

The queue at the checkpoint was full with people who have just ended work in Singapore whilst the queue for buses to Malaysia checkpoint was already like the shape of a Snake tail, u-turning twice up till the end of the gate and no buses in sight. So I’ve decided to walk along with many other Malaysians who are going back home.

Crossing the border via walking takes about 20-45mins, depending on your speed. That day, my speed was about 20mins because I was afraid that the bus to Terengganu might leave me behind, I try to walk as fast as I could and I began sweating within 10 mins of walking. The weather was still hazy, all thanks to Indonesia’s ongoing burning forest which have yet to be put off.

What I love about this GoPro JB group is that they are all friendly, caring and helpful even before I’ve met them. Upon confirming my trip, my friend had already include me in to the group’s whatsapp where we can ask and share info, tips or anything in the group.

I was blessed that one of the members was driving near city, so he offered to pick me up at Johor’s checkpoint, saving my time and journey.

My assembly area was the first stop where only 7 of us board from there. We then head on to Shell Tebrau where we pick up the rest of the group and had a group photo before moving off.

The journey from Johor Bahru to Terengganu takes about 10 hours with 4 toilet stops in between. We had our breakfast at the shops nearby after alighting at Terengganu jetty.

We have a private boat specially booked for our group so getting to the Island was a breeze. Weather’s great and windy. And the Island certainly has a way of breathing life into us who were like zombies after the long 10 hours bus rides.

Here’s the view of Pulau Perhentian Kecil from Jetty;

View of Pulau Perhentian Kecil from Jetty, Pics Credit to Kostonguy using GoPro
View of Pulau Perhentian Kecil from Jetty, Pics Credit to Kostonguy using GoPro

Pulau Perhentian is divided into 2 Islands, Pulau Perhentian Besar (Large Perhentian Island) and Pulau Perhentian Kecil (Small Perhentian Island). Both Islands are equally well known for great diving sites. Divers all over the world would definitely come here whenever they are in Malaysia for a great dive experience.

Other than diving, there’s so many things to do in Pulau Perhentian aka Perhentian Islands. Activities includes and not limited to;

  • Beach Hopping – By walking or taking a boat
  • Hiking to a viewpoint (Kincir Angin)
  • Get a massage
  • Jogging
  • Laze on hammock doing people watching
  • Nightlife – Bars, Fire Acts
  • Play beach games such as volleyballs
  • Read books on the beach
  • Scuba Diving – From Discover Scuba Diving (no certs needed) to Advanced Levels
  • Snorkeling – Spot a big turtle if you are lucky
  • Suntan on the beaches
  • Trekking
  • Watch Sunset
  • Watch Sunrise
  • Water Sports – Kayaking, Banana Boat, Wakeboarding
  • Many more…

Pulau Perhentian Besar is well-known to cater for families while Pulau Perhentian Kecil is well-talked about by the backpackers or budget travellers.

Either way, you’ll be amazed and for sure come back for more.

Keep a lookout for the accommodation and Kincir Angin post this week.

More pics with the group.

Till then, see ya!


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