Day 4, Fri, 31 October 2014, Cont’d:

What’s the best part of any trip to me? It would be non other than a ride up to a great view of the mountains, getting immensely soaked in the fresh air.

Remember my day 4 in Sipitang where I had to make decisions on where I’m heading to? So this was my decision – getting to Tenom, just to feel the fresh air and enjoy the mountain views. If you’d like to know what there is in Sipitang, read my previous post here.

Our journey was fuss free with no traffic jam. Except for occasional rough road that is filled with rocky stones and you have to go slow. Here are some photos to share;

I paid RM25 for this trip. The driver is a serious one. Which is good as he is very careful and focus on the road. I am glad that he is pretty accommodating to me who acts like a little puppy who is so excited. I keep popping my head out, had my gopro out, yet he say nothing except ‘Be Careful’ in Malay.

We did not talk much as he is not one of those drivers who loves to talk non-stop. So I had a pretty peaceful ride up.

But he did look at his phone once during the drive. The journey lasts for about 2hrs. He was in a safe speed that is neither too fast nor too slow. It’s totally acceptable and I’ve had the best moment.

If you are a couple or group of friends or with family, I will encourage you to rent a car and drive around Sabah yourself. It is doable and safe. Here, the driver are on the right hand, just as in any other Malaysia state. For those bikers, you may want to ride up with your bike. It’s worth it.

3 years later, now, I could still remember that feeling when I was there, putting my head and hands out to feel the cool air, closed my eyes and smile. I was thankful for this opportunity given to me and I swear I miss the mountains.

So what did I do in Tenom? Read on here. And where did I stay? In a hostel located near to the railway.

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Well, that’s all for now!



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