Perhentian Tropicana Inn

We checked in to Perhentian Tropicana Inn which is located about halfway between Long Beach and Coral Bay. You would need to walk up a little hill to reach it.

Checking-in was efficient. There’s not much waiting time needed. The rooms are hut-like with fan that works great, window net to prevent flies and mosquitoes from getting in, and comfy beds and pillows. You’ll need to ask for blanket though. This is the part where I don’t understand why we have to request for it. They should have given it to us during our check-in instead. But according to our friends who have been here before, they didn’t have to ask for it.

Well, if there wasn’t enough blankets or towels at the moment, they could have informed us to come back after certain time, that will be much appreciated. Great service will always be remembered even if there’s some hiccups in other area. Don’t you agree?

Tropicana Inn Our Room
Tropicana Inn Our Room


My partner was a sweet young girl in her early 20’s who behaves like my sister – loves to talk and ask lots of question. But I’m so glad we get along very well. She was here with her boyfriend who was assigned with other singles in the double deck dorm room behind.

I’m happy to have chose to sleep near the wall, cause she is such a naughty sleeper, with legs flying everywhere out of the blue. Haha.


As I’ve mentioned in the other post, our accommodation includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, the food is edible but not fantastic. So for those who loves food and appreciates great flavours, I would advise you to just rent the rooms and get your meals elsewhere to avoid disappointment. While for those who are able to eat anything and everything even though the taste is bland, go for the meals.

Most of us had our meals here as we’ve paid for it plus we are all on a budget who splurge more on food on our last day at the nearby restaurants.

Our last night dinner was a BBQ meal where you have to barbecue on your own. The set-up was very neat. They placed 8 or 10 styrofoam boxes filled with marinated chickens and hotdogs with paper plates and cups on each table. There are white and fried rice prepared and placed at the front table.

We were a little disappointed to see the barbecue food. We thought there will be a few squid or prawns and fish included. But nevertheless, we were blessed to have food on our table. So without much complain, my table mate offered to barbecue for us, of 4 pax. So I was delighted to be able to just enjoy the food. I tried to help but was sussed away. So all I did was just chatting away and mingle with everyone else. The bbq chicken was very very very well done. And we all just laugh and eat it away with no complains whatsoever.

Once dinner’s over, all of us gather and went down together to enjoy Pulau Perhentian Kecil’s nightlife. Music, fires and just snacking away before dozing off for our departure tomorrow.


If you are wondering where is the best place to eat, most of us vote for Ewan’s Cafe & Restaurant, located very close to Tropicana Inn. From the reception, walk to the right and follow the path that goes towards the Jetty. You will be able to locate Ewan’s Cafe from there.

The price is affordable to the proportions of the meals served. It is neither very cheap nor very expensive. Just alright and the plus points? Great wifi. Otherwise you may go to any of the eateries located along Long Beach and choose from the many shops there with a sea view and great winds that will make you relaxed as you eat.

Pulau Perhentian Best Place to Eat - Ewan's Cafe & Restaurant
Pulau Perhentian Best Place to Eat – Ewan’s Cafe & Restaurant

Overall, the stay at Tropicana Inn was great. The rooms are clean, comfortable and tidy. It is very basic and cheap so it’s recommended overall for backpackers who want to get dormitory rooms and for any youths or families who are on low budget. They also provides packages for snorkelling trips. Just note that the reception is not 24 hours service.



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