The one place that looks lavish and expensive in Langkawi will go to… Perdana Quay!

Langkawi Perdana Quay
Langkawi Perdana Quay


Beautiful and smart looking yacht are neatly docked by the harbour, where you can chill, eat & drink at the nearby bar and restaurants while enjoying the view. It’s really a great place to just relax and let your mind wander away.

One can easily spot Perdana Quay right from the plane if you sit on the left hand side. The long jetty and boats can be easily recognized as the plane descends down.

On day 2, while on the way to fetch Korsom from airport, we stop by Perdana Quay and spent some time admiring the place and did some photo taking beyond the scorching hot sun. Here, you can find many Classic International Cuisine such as Russian, Japanese, Malaysian, Italian, Spanish & Arabic. All in one convenient location. Fast food lovers can enjoy KFC while pastry lovers can enjoy great pastries over at ‘The Loaf Bakery & Bistro Cafe’. Do visit Perdana Quay’s website for more info here.

We came back on our last night, 5th day, 11th June 2012 all dressed up to enjoy a fine dining over at ‘The Privilege’ restaurant. The night view was awesome with yacht taking its place under the night starry sky. The only place that is beautifully lit up in that area. We took our time dining and enjoying our last night here in Langkawi. Then took a slow walk around the place for the last time under the beautiful night sky before taking a group photo. We drove back to our apartment with joy yet a heavy heart, knowing that we’ll leave this peaceful Island tomorrow morning. Everyone was in silence, probably reminiscing the great times we had in Langkawi and how fast time flies while you’re having fun.




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