Day 5, Sat, 1 November 2014, cont’d:

After missing the last bus as I reached Tenom from Sabah Agriculture Park, I had to think of other alternatives. So I took a cab from Tenom to Pekan Keningau, one of the Capital, a 5th largest town in Sabah. I decided to drop by just to have a feel of the town before proceeding back to KK. The cab cost me RM10 for a 45 minutes drive.

Before I grab a cab, I spent about half hour exploring the night market which just started and is located near the taxi stand. There are alot of yummy food and I bought a few snacks which you can just grab, pay and go. By this time, I can see lots of locals wandering around Tenom, especially going to the night market a.k.a ‘Pasar Malam’.

They have satay, keropok lekor, popiah, currypuffs, otah-otah, ice cream, fresh fruits and lots more. No photos taken of the food as I was busy standing there observing the crowds and sellers.

There are a number of taxis available and so I just grab 1 and proceed. It was a cooling ride. As usual, I wind down the window to enjoy the cool air and peaceful view. The traffic to Keningau was smooth.

The cab driver stopped me at Keningau – KK Station where I can get a private car to get to KK. I decided to check on the price before wandering around the town. It cost a whopping RM80 for the whole car if no one else is sharing. He asked if I’d like to wait for more passengers to share the cost and I gave him the go ahead. So I walked around a little for about half hour. Here, one can find alot of teenagers walking around. Compared to other areas I’ve been so far like Labuan, Tenom and Sipitang, Keningau is more hype up as there are malls, cafes, fast food, entertainment and it’s definitely bigger compared to the ones I mentioned.

There was a cupcake shop which tempt me to try. So I bought 3 different flavours – velvet, rainbow and cheese cake that cost me RM10.

When I got back to the car, the driver shook his head as soon as he saw me from across the road. I looked at the time and told him, in 15 minutes if there are no other passengers, I’ll pay for the full price to KK. He agreed.

15 minutes passed and off we go. Me alone in a 7 seater car with the driver. Knowing it will be dark, I asked if I could sit infront and he allowed me. By the time we left, it was already 6.20pm and the sky has begun to get darker. We talked and paused and it continue that way. I stay awake throughout as I do not wish to miss this nightview of the Crocker Range route at night.

We go by Kimanis route down to KK. According to the driver, this is a shorter route compared to Tambunan route. However Kimanis route is more steeper compared to the other.

The night drive was such a satisfying one. Though it was pretty spooky, the chilling wind, beautiful night view and add on to the fresh mountain air, was incredible. I took a few photos and videos of it along the way. I remembered vividly how there was one part where suddenly I smelt fragrance, not knowing where it come from and then a few minutes later, an awful smell and the hair on my hands suddenly stands up which freaks me out a little but I stayed calm. However, I kept it to myself without sharing it with the driver. We stopped by at a shop for a toilet break after a 1.5 hr drive.

Keningau to KK via Kimanis Route Toilet break
Keningau to KK via Kimanis Route Toilet break

What seems to be a 2 hr drive ends up to 3 hr due to a traffic jam upon reaching KK. Luckily, the traffic was still moving despite the jam. It was at this point when the driver asked me if I had smell anything earlier on. I looked at him with eyes wide open as I know where this conversation is heading towards. I nod my head. He asked me if I had taken anything home which is inside my bag. I told him nothing except for my bag filled with clothes and cheesecakes. Then he asked if I had taken any photo or videos along the way. I looked at him with the ‘Uh-Oh’ look and nod. Then he replied saying it’s a no wonder someone isn’t happy about it and he told me to quickly delete those photos. I asked if I can keep some and he nod his head but tells me to remove as much as I can. I did so quickly.

Well, for those of you who seemed confused as to why I did not question him much, all I can say is, as much as I am not a paranormal enthusiast, I still believe that there exists paranormal or rather ‘ghost’ around lingering in this world, some are lost while some are just there to distract us in this life. However, I am not that kind of person who is totally into it. There’s a saying that if you smell something nice like very strong fragrance, it means that they are near but far. If you suddenly smell something smelly, an awful smell, they may be very near.

The driver then also shared that once, there was a group of passengers he picked up from Keningau who brought with them a pail of raw meat back to KK and did not inform him. It was a night drive just like ours. Of which, along the way, they got ‘disturbed’ by an unwelcome visitor. According to him, half way during the journey, there was a loud ‘thumped’ on the top of his car where the pail was placed. They thought it was something falling on top and so they did not think much of it. However, the driver do feel that the car was ‘heavy’ but he just shrugged it off. Then once they reached the destination, when they brought down the pail, only then they realised that the pail was empty. Leaving behind traces of blood from the raw meat in the pail. The cover wasn’t in place either. It had been slightly opened. They were shocked. The driver then asked them what was in there, and they confessed that there was raw meat filling half of the pail. The driver shook his head and told them that they are not supposed to bring it. Luckily nothing bad happened to them.

Since then, he had been advising his passengers that no raw meats are allowed. Be it chicken or even fish. He wouldn’t take them if they insist. And he said luckily for my case, the ‘thing’ left me alone. I was relieved.

The driver stopped the car right at the gate of Borneo BeacHouse Hostel and I was greeted by Rey, who was doing his night shift. The driver left as soon as I thanked him for driving me home safe.

I rest awhile at the reception and get to know a new backpacker who recommended me a hostel in the next area I’m heading to in a few weeks time. We chatted and share our experiences for awhile. And guess what? I left my cheesecakes in the car! *sobs*

Once the gates were closed, to indicate that night shift is over, Awang, the van driver for Borneo BeacHouse Hostel asked if I’d like to join him, Rajib and Rey to town as they need to run some errands. I agreed to follow them out since I need to get something as well. So off we went to a 24hr supermart. We quickly get our stuff and I bought an ice cream and get back to the vehicle. Then the boys were so eager to show me the locations where one can find the ‘Lady Boys’ are located in KK. Well, that’s because we talked about it earlier on and out of curiosity, I asked if KK do have them around. So I got my answer – Kg. Air.

Honestly, they are very pretty and I can’t help looking down at my mini boob when I saw theirs. 😂🙈 Seriously, how and why these people are more pretty than any real women? I salute them for the determination and patience they have to be better than any women. We just drive around in the van and never got down. After 2 rounds, we head back to the hostel. You can read more about the ‘Lady Boys’ here.

I can’t wait to share more with you! The upcoming posts will be up soon.


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