Everyone has their own preference and ideas when traveling. So that’s why my title won’t be ‘How to pack’ or ‘What you should wear’ but there will be some tips that we will share with you below which you may find useful as you pack for your winter travel. We’ll keep it short, sweet and simple for you. Let’s go!

Our 2 weeks winter honeymoon trip to Turkey in December 2017 to January 2018 was our first winter travel together as a couple and we’re glad that we’ve packed efficiently that keeps us comfortable and warmth throughout.

However, my first experience in lower than 10 degree celsius up to a -5 degree celsius was during my first ever mountain climb to Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah, in Malaysia when I was 15, exactly 15 years ago. That was my first encounter with super cold weather and it’s where I learnt that a good preparation is an all-important process when packing in order to have fun beneath the cold.

Let’s have a look at hubby’s packing items;

2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys - Overall List
2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys – Overall List

These are the items that hubby had carefully selected after I advised him to bring about 4 – 5 sets of clothings for our 14 days trip. To some people, this may be too little but in reality, this 4-5 sets of clothings is more than enough when you mix and match. That’s a reason why your selection of clothes makes a difference. Choose your tops that can go with the different bottoms and vice versa and you’ll never have a day of wearing the same thing! I’m sure there will be some of you out there who tends to overpack and then find yourself excess clothings that was never worn during your trip right?

All of this clothing was packed in Quechua Forclaz 40 Litre Backpack which we bought from Decathlon at Bedok outlet for just SGD$30. Click on the link to view the descriptions of the bag and for anyone in Singapore to shop online. Please note that this post is not sponsored so no additional discount code or vouchers is available from us.

Wind Breaker (preferably with hoody)

So, did he really bring everything? Yes, almost. We’ll go through each list below.

If you are traveling in winter, a good wind breaker is essential as it protects you from the cold wind which can get really chilly till your bones. You don’t have to get a very expensive ones.

Hubby had brought his Decathlon Men’s First Heat Ski Jacket which is waterproof, breathable and warm and you can get it at only $34.90. What’s more, this is suitable if you plan to go on Ski as it was meant to use for Ski.

You’ll wear this as the topmost layer which is the last outer layer so getting one that is waterproof is useful. It will be great to also choose one that has got a hoody so that your head is protected from getting wet. There are designs where you can detach the hoody.

Fleece Jacket

Fleece Jacket
Fleece Jacket

This is worn as the second last layer before your wind breaker. When the temperature gets extremely low like below 0 degree celsius, this will be beneficial for you to ensure that your body is warm.

On days when there’s no wind and when the sun is shining bright but it’s still cold, you can just put on this fleece jacket as the last layer and windbreaker is not needed.


After careful selection before packing, he decided to forego the khaki blue Varsity Jacket. So he only brought his Purple Bomber Jacket. Both jackets was his birthday gift last year from his sister. So this cost us SGD$0.

2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys - Jackets
2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys – Jackets

As we’re traveling around Turkey to different cities, the weather may differ accordingly with some places being colder and some a little rainy and warm. Now, dressing up in cold temperature is all about layering. When you have proper layers, you’ll always be in style while at the same time feeling comfortably warm.


At first he thought of bringing 2 sweaters but then hubby decided to remove the grey sweater. So that leaves his H&M sweater which he wore during departure, 2 of the days in Turkey and for our return flight.

2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys - Sweater
2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys – Sweater


Beanies are a great heat insulator as it keeps your head warm. Please note that if you do not protect your head, there may be possibilities that you’ll get headaches or pain due to the cold. It’s important to always keep your head warm as it does affects the rest of your body.

Hubby brought along 2 beanies, a dark blue and brown colour beanies. But in the end, he kept using the dark blue beanie most of the time. Literally, all the way, making the other beanie redundant. For you guys who loves to style, make sure you choose beanies of different style and colours which makes you feel comfortable and one you’ll definitely wear. Otherwise, just keep it to 1 or 2 as a variety if needed.

Jeans and Pants

Next, jeans and pants. There are 2 pants and 2 jeans. As advised, I told him to pick different shades and types of pants and these are the selected ones. He wore the slim fit dark blue jeans which is the 3rd from left in the picture for our departure, return and on some of the days in Istanbul. So the other 3 pants were packed in his bag. And all of these pants has been great according to him. Especially the khaki cargo pants which has many pockets, was his favourite during this trip.


He had packed a short khaki pants as per the first photo on top of this post, which was meant for the beach in one of the city we’re going to which was estimated to be a tad warmer than other locations. And alas, he never wore it. So, really, omit short pants for your winter trip. Cause as much as the weather may predict that it will be about 16 degree Celsius, you’ll never know when rain and chilly winds are gonna visit you.


He only brought along 3 boxers which is more than sufficient for the trip.

2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys - Jeans
2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys – Jeans


Now now, this is really optional and for me, a little unnecessary if you know that the weather will be below 15 degree Celsius for most part. I told hubby to bring along 1 or 2 thin long sleeves for those days when the temperature is higher and sunny yet still cold but he doesn’t own one other than the sweaters and jackets and had no plans to buy.

He prepared 6 T-shirts instead. But removed 1 grey T-shirt. So he actually packed 5 T-shirts. 2 of it was meant for his sleepwear. While the other 3 was meant for the beaches and for Istanbul. But in the end, 2 of the T-shirts are never worn during the trip and he wore his thermal for sleepwear instead as he finds that wearing the t-shirt during low temperature is unbearable despite having the heater turned on. =)

2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys - Tshirts
2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys – Tshirts

Thermal Wear / Long Johns

Next up, the most important layer of all is the one you wear right next to your skin – Thermal Wear or also known as ‘Long Johns’ which are worn especially during cold weather under your jeans or pants. This is really important as it is an insulator that keeps your body heat warm at all times. You’ll wear this as the first layer before putting on your long sleeves or jackets and sweaters.

Hubby bought 3 sets of thermal for the whole trip and he wore it everyday. He agrees that the thermals helps in keeping him warm. He got his 2 black thermal top from Decathlon Simple Warm Men’s Ski Base Layer – Black at only $6.90 and 1 reversible turtle neck thermal from Decathlon Reversible 2 warm Men’s Ski Base Layer – Dark Grey at only $15.90. Having a reversible clothing is really useful. Hubby wore the side with the wool on colder days and the other side which is without on days that is a little warmer.

2 thermal bottoms from Decathlon Wedze Simple Warm Ski Base Layer Trousers – Black also at only $6.90 (not in photo) and Decathlon Wed’ze Freshwarm New P Men’s Ski Base Layer – Black. Plus 1 thermal pants from Uniqlo.

He loves those from Decathlon for those days with low temperatures as it really does keeps his body heated up.

The one from Uniqlo which is called ‘Men Heattech’, cost us SGD $29.90 is very thin and suitable for temperatures above 10 degree up to 15 degree Celsius with strong winds.

2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys - Thermal Wear
2 Weeks Winter Packing List Ideas for Guys – Thermal Wear


This is not important at all. As I brought along a coat, hubby wanted to bring one too. ^_^ He wanted to pair it with me and we plan on wearing it for our ‘dinner date’. But going forward, we may not want to bring it again as it is the most bulkiest item of all. However, we had fun wearing our coats for the first time just to get a feel of it and I admit that it looks really classy. =)


Hubby brought only 1 shoe for the whole trip which is the sports shoe he wore everyday. I advised him to bring his high cut boots which is more durable and waterproof but because he hated the idea of having to take it off and on whenever checks are made at the airport and shopping centres, he decided not to bring it. So far, the shoes are ok. Except that on rainy days, it does get a little wet but having it placed by the door with the heater on in the hotel rooms, does make it dry by the next day.


Socks are essential. Just like the head which is the topmost of our body parts, our feet which is the bottom most part, needs great attention because if you fail to keep it warm, you might suffer a great deal in the cold. Thick socks will keep the feet warm. You may even double up if the weather is too cold and your shoes does not have fleece in it.

He brought 3 pairs of thick socks and 1 thin sock which is enough. You can bring up to 4 socks if you like for a 2 week trip.


Scarfs are necessary if you do not have much turtleneck tops with you. It will keep your neck warm and cosy especially if the day is as windy as can be. Plus, it is awesome for styling and modeling it in your photos.

Hubby had no scarf. So he did not bring any. But while we were at Taksim Square, he was struggling with the cold, especially his neck. It happens that he wasn’t wearing his freshwarm turtleneck and the wind breaker’s high neck is not helping as the wind gets too strong. So I bought him a scarf which really does make a difference and he had been wearing it till our last day.


Gloves are vital. It keeps your hands warmer than when you just slip your hands in the pocket without gloves. Hands are the most exposed part of our body. Hubby brought 2 gloves. A pair of wool gloves and a pair of warm fit adult ski gloves from Decathlon at only $9.90.


We brought 1 ultra compact micro fiber towel size L from Decathlon in case we need it for our beach trip.

Other packing items are all those essential daily items you’ll wear such as deodorant, perfume, comb, toiletries such as toothbrush, colgates, facial cleanser and shaver. And oh, don’t forget to bring along your lip balms such as this to protect your lips from being chapped and dry.

Not forgetting electrical items like your charges, cables, camera, portable powerbank and universal charger like this Hoco Universal Converter Charger.

Remember, winter is all about layering which is as follows;


  1. Thermal Wear / Long Johns / Base Layer (for temperature below 15 degree celsius, depending on your ability to stand cold)
  2. Long Sleeve Shirt or Sweater (for temperature between 15-18 degree celsius, you may ignore no.1 and just put on a warm jacket over your long sleeve shirt or sweater)
  3. Jacket or Sweater (for temperature between 15-18 degree celsius, you may ignore no.1 and just put on a warm jacket over your long sleeve shirt or sweater)
  4. Fleece Jacket (especially a must for temperature below 0 degree celsius or below 10 degree celsius, depending on your ability to stand cold. If it’s sunny, you may stop here or ignore this and just put on a windbreaker if there’s strong wind present. But you’ll definitely need this when it’s snowing.)
  5. Wind Breaker (Last outer layer to protect you from cold wind, snow and rain if there’s any)


  1. Boxers
  2. Thermal Wear / Long Johns / Base Layer (for temperature below 15 degree celsius, depending on your ability to stand cold)
  3. Pants / Jeans / Cargo
  4. Waterproof pants (for rainy or snowy days)

So in summary, here’s an ideal list for Men 2 weeks packing list;

  • 3-4 sets of Thermal wear
  • 2-3 Long Sleeve T-shirt or Shirt
  • 1 Bomber Jacket
  • 1 thick sweater
  • 1 Fleece Jacket
  • 1 wind breaker
  • 4 pants (1 khaki cargo pants, 1 grey pants and 2 jeans)
  • 2 Beanies
  • 1 scarf
  • 1 wool gloves
  • 1 gloves

Well, that’s about it for Men 2 weeks packing list for clothes.

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