This is the moment I’ve been waiting for – to share with you on the location we’ve stayed for our 3d2n trip in Cameron Highlands. Since there are 3 families traveling together, we booked 3 separate rooms. Initially, we wanted to book for the 3 bedroom apartment but it was full due to the peak season. We looked into a few different hotels and finally decide on Copthorne Cameron Highlands Hotel. They have many different kind of rooms such as;

  • Superior Room (King/Twin Beds)
  • Deluxe Room (King/Twin Beds)
  • Executive Suite (King/Twin Beds)
  • One Bedroom Apartment (King/Twin Beds)
  • Two Bedroom Apartment (King + Twin Beds)
  • Three Bedroom Apartment (King + Queen + Twin Beds).

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Copthorne Cameron Highlands Hotel which is located at Kea Farm, Brinchang, Malaysia is strategically built on one of the highest accessible peak in Cameron Highlands. It is 1,628m / 5,300ft above sea level and this makes the temperature cooling all around even during noon when the sun is at its highest point.

Copthorne Cameron Highland Hotel is 1,628m / 5,300ft Above Sea Level
Copthorne Cameron Highland Hotel is 1,628m / 5,300ft Above Sea Level

In case most of you do not know this, the oversized thermometer which stood outside the hotel was awarded in ‘The Malaysia Book of Records’. It has certified that Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands’ giant thermometer (5 meters in height and 1.27 meters in width) is a NATIONAL RECORD HOLDER as the “TALLEST THERMOMETER REPLICA” in Malaysia! You would be able to see the plaque at the bottom of the thermometer as seen below;

Copthorne Cameron Highlands Hotel Thermometer was awarded in 'The Malaysia Book of Records' as the tallest replica thermometer
Copthorne Cameron Highland Hotel Thermometer was awarded in ‘The Malaysia Book of Records’ as the tallest replica thermometer

As always, we will load our belongings at the hotel lobby before heading off to the carpark. This way, we don’t have to trouble ourselves in case there are no lifts in the carpark.

And yes, fyi, no lifts are available at the carpark during our visit. However, the journey to the carpark was easy and nice for a short walk. You get to see views around the hotel while feeling the cold breeze touching your skin. We were given a complimentary carpark ticket during our stay and had no problems with the parking.

As you enter the Tudor Style hotel, you will be greeted with a large high ceiling lobby that is filled with sofas, massage chairs, fireplace and 4 pool table on the left side. Reception counter can be seen from the entrance as you walk straight up with the lobby lift next to it and the Coffee Shop Restaurant next to the lobby and 18 Celsius Cafe on the right.


Checking in process was fuss-free, smooth and fast. The staff attending to us is cheerful and polite, which makes us feel welcomed. There are welcome drinks such as tea and orange juice on a small table next to the counter. The tea was warm and it taste great, it is not too sweet nor too thick. The orange juice is cool and fresh. Within minutes, we were already on our way to our rooms.

Kak Ida’s family room is on the same level as us, both on the right side from the lift lobby while Abang Kamal family got the higher level, to the left of the lift lobby. Both Abang Kamal and Kak Ida got the balcony room while ours were on the level where it leads out to the lower level rooftop where you can see the swimming pool from the top.

The moment we opened our window, we were stunned with the fact that there are no protective gates or anything that would stop the kids from getting onto the rooftop. It is pretty dangerous, I would say.

However, both me and sis, took the risk of going over the window and walk around it. *Ooops*. We get to feel the breeze and see how dirty it is. It was from here that I realised the building is kind of old and a little worn down. A good quality of new paint work is very much needed.

Copthorne Cameron Highland Hotel Our window view of the Low Level Rooftop
Copthorne Cameron Highland Hotel Our window view of the Low Level Rooftop

The rooms are clean, neat, and no musty smell. But the beds are not properly made. The toilet is filled with toiletries neatly arranged on a mini tray next to the sink’s dark green marble table top and we were given with 1 toiletries set for the 3 of us. There’s a hairdryer which works well and 2 neatly folded towel are placed on the towel rack on top of the toilet bowl. Being on a mountainous area meant that we would need the heater for a comfortable bath. So fret not, the water heater works very well. You can adjust the water temperature according to your preference. There are no aircons in the rooms by the way. Only fans are available and it’s enough since the temperature usually drops to 18 degrees at night.


They had an indoor swimming pool which is not heated. So for people like me, it would be too cold for me to jump in. The kids swam though and I’m happy watching them splashing around.

As I had been busy juggling work and tuition, mum made all the necessary bookings for our accommodation. She booked the Double Superior Room which cost us MYR 654 with gst inclusive of breakfast from

While Kak Ida booked their Double Superior Room at MYR 722.92 with gst inclusive of breakfast from I’m not quite sure how much Abang Kamal paid for theirs. Breakfast is only for 2 person. So additional guest will have to pay about rm25 for breakfast and mum insist to pay for me for the 2 days.


Free breakfast which is included in the hotel price are served in the Coffee Shop Restaurant at level 1. They have a wide spread of breakfast ranging from Asian to Western Food. There’s the famous malay breakfast like nasi lemak, mee goreng. Western breakfast such as omelettes, hotdogs, pancakes, sandwiches, croissants, spaghetti, lasagne, baked beans, soups and fruits. There are many more choices not mentioned. OOops! No photos as we were all busy eating and happily adding more all the time. And by the time we are done eating, only then we remembered to take photos. Nonetheless, I found 1 picture of the food on my plate. =) Well, the food here is wonderful and all of us enjoy having breakfast here. It’s worth it to start your day. The restaurant is clean, staff are efficient and polite. Food are topped up regularly.


Once you’re done with breakfast, get your short morning walk outside and get a view of Brinchang or the surroundings. There’s a lovely bright sunflower and mini bridges with lots of greens and roses. My cousin actually pluck or rather picked up a fallen beautiful rose for Kak Idah.


Copthorne Cameron Highlands Hotel is located near to Cameron Square Shopping Mall which takes about 10 mins by walking. There are plenty of activities to do there. You can spend a few hours singing at ‘The Voice’ or just chill over at the Old Town White Coffee.


It is also about 10-15 minutes walk to the market for you to get your fresh fruits and vegetables. For lunch and dinner, you can go to the nearest nearby restaurant to fill your tummy.

Alright, here’s the best part. As you all know by now, I love sunrise and sunset. So wherever I go, I will look out for possible locations to have that view. On the first night, we went over to the other 2 rooms to explore and instantly knew that Kak Ida’s room balcony will have a great view of the sunrise as my side would be great for sunset viewing if we got to be on a higher storey. So, what I love most? The sunrise of course!

It was lovely. The magnificent sunrise that rose above the mountains and valleys shines its rays gorgeously with the mist in view. I was the first to wake up and I woke mum and sis then rush over to Kak Ida’s room for this moment.

Sis was still asleep so we left her alone in the room.

I stood at the balcony even before the sun rises to observe the splendid dawn. I had tears in my eyes watching God’s greatest creation right infront of me and I wished I could stay here everyday. Enough of my rantings. Let the photos below speak for itself.

Copthorne Cameron Highlands Hotel Dawn
Copthorne Cameron Highlands Hotel Dawn

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I would love to be back here again for 2nd honeymoon or anniversaries or on my birthday. I am sooo loking forward to my next visit! I hope this post has enticed you enough to make your fingers google and book for your upcoming stay!


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