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For our 3D2N KL + Sunway Trip, cousin suggested Nomad Sucasa for our stay. The price was super reasonable for a 2 bedroom apartment with breakfast. Booked our 2 nights stay online via at Rm780.00 ~ Sgd317.29, approximately $79.33 per pax *Chinese New Year Period*. A lovely decent stay with gym and swimming facilities.

The apartment includes a spacious living room with TV, fan, coffee table and sofa. Though it was supposed to be a no smoking unit, we found 1 big butt hole on the sofa itself and the room smelt of dusty carpet. Glad it’s not that bad but I’m sure it can be improved. The apartment has an open concept kind of living room where you can see the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, microwave, thermos to boil your water and well kept utensils in the drawer.

There are 2 rooms, the main and 2nd room. The main room is completed with bathtub, Tv, walk-in wardrobe, king size bed and hairdryer. While the 2nd room has got everything except bathtub & hairdryer. So you just need to knock on the door of your neighbour to borrow hairdryer.

My cousin took the main room where the Tv had green corners and the aircon isn’t as strong as ours even after you’ve turned to Max coldness. Since we went out most of the time, we didn’t bother to call for aircon repair. Toiletries such as shampoo, shower, cap, cotton bud n lotion are provided and changed daily. 2nd room was perfect. Everything works well and the view isn’t bad either.

Good cleanliness but can be better if they conduct weekly thorough cleaning such as scrubbing, vacuum and change of sofa seat. It’s pretty much cosy and allows you to relax after a long day out.

The hotel provides a wide spread of breakfast meals to choose from cereal to Nasi Lemak to western breakfast such as scramble eggs, hotdogs, etc and fruits. Actually all hotels are about the same when it comes to breakfast. For 2 days we had a fulfilling breakfast, each meal can last you till lunch and perhaps make you grab a light lunch if you have had a heavy breakfast! Plus, you get a good view of the swimming pool while having your breakfast!

Cousins went to the gym and says that all equipments are well maintained and are in good conditions. They shared a great time working out as a couple. While I use the swimming pool. It was well maintained too. No discoloration of sorts and the pool is clean with lots of families having a splashing time together.

7-11 is nearby and it’s relatively cheaper than the shop in the hotel. Just across the hotel, there are a few restaurants. Arab and turkey cuisine. We had our dinner there and it was superb. However you have to wait for quite sometime for the food.

There are suppose to be shuttle bus to Berjaya Times square but somehow the frequency isn’t much. So if you miss the bus, getting out of the hotel is easy since it’s located near to the main road. You can even walk to Berjaya Times square in less than half an hour or just flagged down a cab which is about less than 15mins drive from the hotel but ensure to take a METERED TAXI. Do not just go in to the cab and tell them ur location.

Always ask if they are using the meter and at the same time, look at the meter if it’s there. IF they say yes, then tell them your destination and get in. It cost about RM6-8 from Nomad Sucasa to KLCC. It’s usually below Rm10. Feel free to tip them about RM2-5 for using metered cab. We should encourage more honest drivers like that. Please learn from our mistake. We took a cab from KLCC back to Hotel for about RM20 (not a metered cab) and we truly regret it.

As for service wise, I have no comment since we don’t need much service. But over at the receptions, the staff are pretty much acceptable. Polite and efficient. We had a great stay here and I certainly would come back with my family because it’s super family friendly.

KLCC in view
KLCC in view
Nomad Sucasa Collage
Nomad Sucasa Collage

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