Have you ever heard of ‘Shamans Laughter’? ‘Shaman’ is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of Northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing. Think of the ‘medicine man’, ‘medicine woman’, ‘the healer’ or ‘dukun’ and ‘pawang’ in Malay and Indonesia.

Well, for me, I keep thinking of the ‘Avatar’. You know, the part where the Avatars chant to save Grace lives as they connect her to the roots of the trees?

But this group of ‘Shamans Laughter’ uses instrument to create and make sound instead of chanting as they believe that the sound helps to heal people and instill a positive energy and vibes around. There are times when they use vocals too.

I managed to communicate with Evgeniy, who was willing to share with me on the curiosity and questions I have about ‘Shamans Laughter’. Interested to know more just like I do? Read on!

Me: “Tell us a little introduction about your ‘Shamans Laughter’. Will you be able to kindly share with me about your background, where do you come from, what would you like the viewers to know about ‘Shaman Laughter’ music/tunes or even instrument used and what is your message to the world?”

Evgeniy: “Hello Liyana. Thank you for your interest in our group. Shamans laughter has existed for a year and a half, since my girlfriend Elena and I met on Arkaim.

Arkaim is a place of strength, the oldest settlement of the Slavic civilization BC. People who are interested in the spiritual, practicing various techniques, masters and just people who believe in magic gather here. In this charged place, we got experience, inspiration and my first didgeridoo.

This is the beginning of our journey. Didgeridoo quickly got to master, as I was fascinated by his sounds. In addition, thanks to a special breathing technique, he helped to cope with the seasonal allergy to flowering.

And on the farthest path, we had other instruments. We were given them, we bought and did it ourselves. As for music, we originally played on the streets, sending an intention to cleanse the space and fill it with different qualities. For this reason for us it is not just music, it’s a ceremony every time.

Also we make individual ceremonies – sound therapy. In this case, we lay the person on the floor and within 40 minutes, we pass through him the vibrations of various musical instruments. During the process, most people are immersed in a fantastic, vivid journey.

Upon completion, they will feel a deep relaxation and inspiration. We also conduct group therapies, consisting of 5 different practices and giving a positive effect.

At the moment, Elena and I are preparing for a trip to India, in order to gain new knowledge, experience, quality of life. If there are suggestions for participating in projects, we are always open to creativity.”

I am really thankful that he is willing to share so much for this post. Now we know more about ‘Shamans Laughter’.

FYI, Didgeridoo also known as a didjeridu, is the long wooden pipe which Evgeniy used most to produce the sounds followed by the hand drum which could either be the Tarahumara drum or the Ancient Native drum. Then there’s the bells, tambourine and handmade maracas.

So how do I feel when I hear the sound?

To be honest, I really love the sound. It does gives me a great vibe and I feel lively and positive. Besides, I was the one who pulled my hubby and make us stay till the end. Prior to our recording, I had left some notes for him as this kind of culture somehow intrigues me so much. His headwear reminds me of Pocahontas or rather the Native American Indians. And oh the dreamcatcher! I just loooove dreamcatchers. I still have one at home which was given as a gift from my cousin living in the US.

I just love their way of lives – the Native and Dayaks people. Maybe because I may have the blood in me. I was told that our descendants are one of the sea dayaks tribe in Borneo. But due to a lot of complications back in the olden days, we’ll never be sure about it. Well, sea dayaks and Native Americans may have differences but they sure do have a lot of similarities. They both believes that objects, people, animals, stars, universe and even handiworks possess some spirituality in them and that they are animated and alive.

Back to the couple – Elena is from Russia while Evgeniy is from Ukraine. Together, they created this group. Here’s a video of the ‘Shamans Laughter’ at Taksim Square on 04.01.2018, showcasing Evgeniy doing a solo performance that day. Enjoy!

Or you can watch the youtube version here;

Last year, on October 14th, Elena and Evegeniy took part in ‘Turkey You Got Talent’ which airs on TV8. If I’m not mistaken, the couple got through to the next round. So we wish them all the best for their performance!

Evgeniy, thank you for the time to answer my questions and we wish you both all the best and goodluck in chasing the positive goals you’ve planned for. May you both always be in great health.


Lia Schmolphin

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