If you’re visiting Jambatan Tamparuli or Tamparuli Bridge, like I did in the linked post, there is a nearby food stall you should never miss while you are in Sabah. Even if you decide to skip the visit to Tamparuli Bridge, do atleast try their so called famous Lokan Bakar.

Lokan Bakar is actually a roasted Clam which is eaten by dipping into the homemade sauce. They sell it in different plate sizes such as small, medium or large. Rudy was the one who recommended this place and I fell in love with the light snacks we had here. It was my first time eating a roasted clam and a coconut pudding other than the normal steamed cockles, lala, gonggong, siput sedut and coconut juice.

Now, please know that if you are trying something new, try it with an open mind. Do not compare the taste to the usual food you eat. Even if you don’t like it, be sure to think of the positive side as there must be a reason to why these food are popular in that place.

The coconut pudding is served in a Burnt Coconut shell as a whole but you can order one in a glass too. But I would say, eat it in its shell and nothing can go wrong. Don’t worry, the pudding itself is not burnt. Just that it is mixed with gelatine and cooked on a wood fire which causes the outer shell to be burnt while the inside remains cooked. It is then kept in the fridge to cool and waiting to be served.

To preserve the original coconut taste, no sugar are added except colourings for different flavors. So for some of you who say that this is tasteless, I guess you are expecting it to be sweet but do you know that it will take away the benefits that is present in a coconut juice? The fresh taste of the pudding is really inviting and if you are like me, who loves jelly and pudding, you should order one for yourself and not sharing it. =) I really love the real taste of the coconut as it is. No need for sugar.

While waiting for our order, a kitten came by next to me. Her cute face yearning for love so I gave her countless of strokes. Well, I think I am a cat magnet. =)

There are a few Lokan Bakar stalls but Rudy chose Gerai Sudi Mampir Lokan Bakar which is right at the corner. This is the first stall to set up Lokan Bakar and Burnt Coconut so it would be great to have it here. It is located along Jalan Sulaman towards Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Nature Reserve (Do click on the link to open up to a new page of my trip on Day 2). Here’s the location of the Gerai Sudi Mampir Lokan Bakar;

Gerai Sudi Mampir Lokan Bakar
Gerai Sudi Mampir Lokan Bakar
Tamparuli Suspension Bridge to Gerai Sudi Mampir Lokan Bakar
Tamparuli Suspension Bridge to Gerai Sudi Mampir Lokan Bakar

Have you tried the Lokan Bakar and Coconut Pudding? What is it that you love or hate? I hope to hear your views in the comment below! Thank you for the time taken to read this post.


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