I am missing climbing and hiking so much that it’s all I could think of lately. Whenever I start opening my laptop, I’ll view the videos of me climbing and hiking while smiling with a tear in my eyes. That longing to book a trip now is so strong but I had to put those on hold for an upcoming biggest event in my life.

Here’s a video I did 2 years ago of which I wanted to re-edit because of its poor quality. But decided to just share and I hope somehow you guys love it. Give me time to get a proper software and learn video editing ya.

I will not talk much about this climb today. Just sharing the video here and I hope you enjoy! Also, if you are doubting if you can climb Mount Kinabalu, I hope this shall give you the inspirations and strength that if a small lady like and a big size man like Guna can do it, you too can! Just go slow and enjoy your climb! =)


Lia Schmolphin

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