Last year, few months prior to our honeymoon, my company had a bowling event and I won ‘The Most Fanciest Footwork’ award. 🤗☺️ Though I didn’t win the highest score, well atleast I won something right? 😄 The prize I got is a Hoco Universal Converter Charger AC1.

So for our 2 weeks honeymoon in Turkey, I decided to try this out. I love how the socket fit nicely in 1 box to use in over 150 different countries with different kinds of sockets. It’s really useful for travelers who are travel hopping from 1 country to another with different socket type.

However, this doesn’t come with the usb cable plug-ins. It will be great to get that if you are looking for one.

Anyway, while in Turkey, I just need to use the EU 2 round holes ones, then place the AU/US socket on top of that EU to use my normal 3 pin plugs.

It works very well and had not gave us any problems so far. It may seem bulky to some but honestly, it doesn’t at all. At only 66g, it is really compact, portable and very light in your pouch. You don’t have to worry about water spillage etc as it is kept in a box and plus, it is made of fire retardant ABS and PC material.

Another plus point is that the internal conductive system adopts the quality tin-phosphor bronze, with good elasticity strong conductivity and resistance to wear so the product does not loosen even after 5,000 times of plugging and unplugging.

Here’s some descriptions of it;

Product Features:

• Made of fire retardant ABS and PC materials

• One converter charger to travel all over the world: you do not need to bring so much chargers anymore when you want to go to different countries, this charger can bring you a new version, all in one, with EU/USA/UK/AU plugs

• Provides over-current, over-voltage, over-charge protections, safe to charge

• Sleek design, worldwide use, a great travel companion for you

Product Specification:

• Material: Fire retardant ABS + PC

• AC output: 240V/3A

• Size: 63 x 57 x 47mm

• Weight: 66g

Package included:

• 1 x HOCO AC1 Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug Travel Power Socket Converter

The video at the bottom shows how it’s fixed together in a box and can be easily detached using 1 hand. The volume is pretty low. Basically, I was just sharing with you on how it’s taken out and what it looks like.

I love it. I will just bring this along from now onwards cause with this, I don’t have to worry about leaving out one or another plug.

I hope you find this useful! Do you have a favourite portable converter charger or plugs that you love? Share with us!

Watch in youtube here or below;



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