18.10.15: Gunung Lambak 1 day trip hike
18.10.15: Gunung Lambak 1 day trip hike

This post has been stuck in my draft for a very long time. Since I’m having so much free time for now, I’ll try to post all of my outdated trips before any future trips

About 3 weeks before 18.10.15, a friend of mine asked me if I’d like to join her for a 1 day trip hike with Singapore Trekking Group to Gunung Lambak in Kluang and without hesitation, I agreed.

The bus departs from Woodlands MRT very early at about 7.15am and I was late, the last one to board and they almost left me. My sincere apology once again to Singapore Trekking Group and to the participants for that day for having to wait for me. Nonetheless, thank you so much for not leaving me. The journey takes about 2-3 hrs drive from Singapore. Having left SG early, meant that the checkpoint was pretty empty, so we manage to reach Gunung Lambak at about 9.45am.

Gunung Lambak is a small mountain of about 4-5 km from Kluang District. The summit is 510m above sea level and there are about 2 – 3 trails leading to the summit.

We set off using the trail next to a stream and reached the rest point with a huge signboards. Then we proceed via the steep rock where we had to scramble up the rocks, tree trunks, fallen trees and big steps uphill. But thanks to the climbing association of Kluang who had tie ropes around the trees as a support for the climbers and making our climb assisted and easier.

By this time, just a few minutes into the forest, my friend and another lady in the group decided not to continue due to personal reason. Hence both of them turned back. I discussed with my friend and ask if she’s gonna be okay if I proceed and that she’ll be left with the other lady. Thank goodness she’s fine with it. So I proceed up with the rest of the team whom I do not know

Beyond the rest points, there are 3 ways to get to the summit where one trail is a steep vertical long ascent with challenging routes, another is a gradual slope which covers a longer distance and the last trail which is the least popular. We took the steepy, rocky & challenging routes and descent via the gentler slopes. The way to the summit reminds me of Mount Kinabalu climb in Sabah, Malaysia and Mount Rinjani Climb in Lombok combine. I remembered 1 of the team member who underestimate this mountain, thinking that the climb would be easy as it is only 510m. =)

At the summit, we were given a choice to follow the group to trek to the big tree which takes about another 1hr or stay behind and wait for the rest of the members. I opt for the former, wanting to look at the big tree in Johor as I’ve already seen the biggest tree in Sabah, Malaysia in 2014.

The trek was awesome. Going downhill, the route gets steeper but with the assistance of the ropes, it makes the trek more bearable. There are a few fallen trees and we had to scramble here and there. 1 of the members slip and another sprained his ankle. But nonetheless, most of us including me reached the big tree in 45 mins! We rested awhile, get to know each other and then of course take pictures with the famous tree in Gunung Lambak.

After a good 20 mins of catching our breath, cooling down, ate some snacks and photo taking, we head back up to the summit and it takes us 1 hr to get back up there. Here, if you have a walking stick, it would be very useful. We took a group photo at the summit but sorry, my hp got stolen, hence most of our beautiful pics are gone. All these photos are taken from my facebook account and those with the watermark belongs to Singapore Trekking Group and I am in no way affiliated with them.

At this point, I wonder what my friend did back at the base.

We descend via the other route where the trail is cemented and passing through a mini bridge and beautiful yet empty resorts. On the way down, I get to know Karthik who is working in Singapore. He shared alot of his traveling experience which is super interesting, from crawling in caves to trekking in the snow and adventures of all his journey. We had a great chat and shared a quote with me.

Getting down a mountain is like eating a piece of cake. But to get up to summit is like eating vegetables. -Kartik from India”

As per the itinerary, we head to Kluang’s Shopping Mall in town for early dinner and shopping before heading back to SG.

This trip cost SGD 35 per person for transport from Sg to Kluang to Sg and a guide to lead us not only to the summit but to the big tree as well.

Here’s my own personal ratings;

1400m distance, 510m elevation
Challenging level for beginners: 4/5
Challenging level for average hikers: 3.5/5
Challenging level for active hikers: 3/5

Here’s the time taken;

Time taken to reach summit: 1hr
Time taken to reach big tree: 45mins
Time taken to get back to summit: 1hr
Time taken to get back to base: 30mins

All in all, I enjoyed this trip. The leader of this group was awesome, friendly and funny. I can see the love of climbing in his eyes. With alot of trip has been planned for the upcoming months, I was tempted to join them in each and every trip they have but due to time constraint as I teach tuition and is holding a 9-6 full time job, I have only weekends or during school holidays to break away. But I know I’ll be back soon.

Gunung Lambak - Never underestimate even the shortest mountain-Declaration by the guy who underestimated gunung lambak
Gunung Lambak – Never underestimate even the shortest mountain-Declaration by the guy who underestimated gunung lambak
Gunung Lambak 1 day hike with Singapore Trekking Group - Jumpshot at the Big Tree
Gunung Lambak 1 day hike with Singapore Trekking Group – Jumpshot at the Big Tree, photo courtesy of Singapore Trekking Group

For those of you who wish to start climbing mountains or hike and trek, start form the ones within your home, neighbouring countries to gain that stamina, get use to the altitude, challenges and slowly, make your way to where ever you wish. Please understand that every mountain has its own difficulty and challenges, never think the shortest mountain is always easy. All the best and just remember,

“Never underestimate even the shortest mountain. ~ Lia Schmolphin”

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