Maiga Island, Semporna, 2014

Day 19, Sat, 15 November 2014

“A simple life is a happier life.”

Sibuan Island has been a great host for snorkeling apart from the waters of Mantabuan Island and Bohey Dulang where you can get great and awesome views of the Islands surrounding it and especially the view of Celebes Sea. We’re now on the last Island and once we’ve reached Maiga, we were welcomed by the sight of the sea gypsy kids looking at us curiously. As with all the other Islands, Maiga is also blessed with soft white powdery sand and clear blue water with amazing corals and reefs.

One of the boys cut open fresh coconuts for us and it was refreshing to be able to enjoy it with great views while mingling with Isabelle, my new wonderful friend from Holland, Mr Black the guide, Fatimah their staff and of course the locals. Life here is simple. Those stilt houses is where the Sea Gypsies call home and there are a few families living together here. Their kids do not go to school and so they play all day with each other using all the resources they can find on the Island.

Sea Gypsy Kids

I wanted to walk around the Island but I was more intrigued with the kids that I only get to explore the right side of Maiga Island from where our boat docked and spend most of the time chatting with them instead. I spoke to the adults too. Their friendliness makes me feel welcomed that I almost wanted to ask if I could stay a night there but I was too shy to do so.

The kids followed us with much enthusiasm and they were quite friendly. A few younger sea gypsy kids walk around naked and due to hot weather plus being in the water most of the times, their hair color is naturally brown. I am so jealous.

I spoke to one of the girls and asked if they go to school and she shake her head shyly. I did asked if she want to go to school and she replied with a soft nod. Then we chatted a little bit more before sitting down on the sand by the shore. Mr Black, our guide played his guitar and sang for us while Joe cut the watermelon and give it to the kids. Their happy faces is indescribable.

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Chill by the Shore with Sea Gypsy Kids

The kids sat around me and Isabelle. An Island cat became so attached to me that it stayed on my lap for a very long time. There is a pair of twins here who are so lovely and always smiling.

Today’s Island hopping is the best I’ve ever done! This last stop is truly memorable. Love the kids, the people, the Island and the snorkeling. I was the last to get on the boat as it was too heavy for me to leave this place. As I climbed the stairs to get into the boat, I could hear 1 of the kid say to Mr Black and Joe in Malay, “Leave this sis here and we can introduce her to one of the guys who haven’t have a wife.” They both just laugh it off. I turn around and looked at her to smile and she respond with an even wider smile. Cute lil’ girl.

All 4 islands are superb! It is a paradise indeed! The staffs have been wonderful too. I will definitely go for these Island hopping all over again. So if you are in Sabah, do get to Semporna to experience first hand yourself. I hope you loved this post and photos.

Next post will be the last summary of this Island hopping and I will share a video with you. So do keep a lookout and subscribe if you have not okie! Till then…


Lia Schmolphin

Me and the Island Kids in Maiga Island, Semporna Island Hopping
Me and the Island Kids in Maiga Island, Semporna Island Hopping

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