Double 6 Memorial Monument

Day 9, Wed, 5 November 2014

Woken up fresh and happy, I went to the reception to check on a few destinations for today. I feel great and surprisingly, I do not have any ache or sore arms after a day of vigorous rafting yesterday. Well, that goes to show that I’m quit fit huh. =) If you have not read about it, you should atleast watch the video in my post of Sabah Padas White Water Rafting Adventure.

After much considerations and discussion, I finally decide to hire BBH (Borneo BeacHouse) service to explore Kota Kinabalu. We will be visiting a few main and very important locations. Wonder where is it? Come and read on!

As Jess is on her off duty today, she decides to follow us for a short while before meeting her sister for lunch. So today we have Awang (BBH driver), Rudy (BBH Staff), Jess (BBH Staff), Esse and myself.

Double 6 Memorial Park

Since we are starting from Tg. Aru, our first stop will be ‘Double 6 Memorial Park’ which is located about 10 mins drive from KK in Sembulan. This memorial is built right on the spot of a tragic accident on 6th June 1976 where a fatal plane crash took the lives of Sabah’s first Chief Minister, Tun Fuad Stephen and 6 other ministers. It was the most unforgettable tragedy, one where the locals will never forget.

We had a few minutes of silence as we walk around and to be honest, I felt sobre. Up till today, most locals still do not know how it happened. If you plan to visit this place, do visit the gallery at the back as well.

It’s easy to find if you are doing a self-drive. It’s located at:

Double Six Memorial Park
Grace Garden
88100 Kota Kinabalu
Double 6 Memorial Monument Map
Double 6 Memorial Monument Map

Lunch at Sinaran, Sabah

From here, we head over to Sinaran for lunch. I had a bowl of Laksa and a cup of ‘Lo Han Guo’ which is a drink to remove heat in your body and cool it down. A great drink on a warm day like this. The Laksa is really nice.

Kota Kinabalu City Mosque aka ‘Sabah Floating Mosque’

Next stop, is the ‘Kota Kinabalu City Mosque’ which is also known as the ‘Floating Mosque’ in Sabah due to it being on water. I personally love the tranquility of the mosque. You can read more about my trip here.

Rumah Terbalik, The Upside Down House of Borneo

Are you interested to see all things including the house in upside down? Then this may be for you. If you’d like to know what’s my opinion then you can read more about my trip here.

Rumah Terbalik, The Upside Down House of Borneo
Rumah Terbalik, The Upside Down House of Borneo


Tamparuli Suspension Bridge

Do you know that Tamparuli Suspension Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in Tamparuli? It has been around for more than 60 years and there are alot of stories connecting to it. I’ve shared more on the history and stories related to this bridge in my post here.

Tamparuli Suspension Bridge Signboard
Tamparuli Suspension Bridge Signboard

Lokan Bakar and Refreshing Coconut Pudding

No trip is complete without snacking over at ‘Gerai Sudi Mampir Lokan Bakar’. What is Lokan Bakar? It is simply a type of seashell and where can you get it? Read more about it on my post here.

Menara Tun Mustapha

For view lovers, head over to Menara Tun Mustapha and if you can, have a meal at their rotating restaurant at the 18th floor which would open up to great views of Likas Harbour. Otherwise, there is another view which is shared in my post here which is worth a short visit.

Signal Hill Observatory Tower

End your journey with the Atkinson Tower Clock and a city view of Kota Kinabalu City at Signal Hill Observatory Tower which one of the highest view point. Tips on how to get here can be read in my post here.

So basically this is how our route looks like:

Places to Explore in KK City
Places to Explore in KK City
Places to Explore in KK City Zoom Out
Places to Explore in KK City Zoom Out

Here’s the link to the map.

Now, if your hotel or hostels is near to the Signal Hill Observatory Tower, then you may reverse the location, beginning with:

And top it off with a dinner by the sea over at Tanjung Aru Beach while watching sunset where it is the best place for sunset viewing. You’ll love it. There are grilled corns, BBQ chicken wings and ice cream for you to indulge in as snacks as well.

Ouh!! The thought of it truly brings me back to good times! I definitely miss the gorgeous sunset and the BBQ chicken wings!

I ended my trip over at Centrepoint to do a last minute shopping for another big day tomorrow. Don’t forget to subscribe to follow through my journey as I linger and reminisce back to those times!

What do you think of my suggestion? Hope this post helps you plan your day well!


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