Maiga Island, Semporna, 2014
Asia Malaysia Sabah Semporna

Explore Sabah Day 19: Island Hopping to Maiga Island

Day 19: Maiga Island, Semporna, Sabah. The best island hopping I’ve ever done! This last stop is truly memorable. Love the kids n I love the people. I was the last to get on the boat coz I didnt wanna leave. N as I climbed the stairs, I could hear 1 of them say to my guide in Malay, “Leave this sis here n we can introduce her to one of the guys who havent have a wife.”
N the guide just smile n shrug his shoulder. I look at her n smile n she just smile even widely. Cute lil’ girl. Hahaaa. All 4 islands are superb! A paradise indeed!

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