What’s Cameron Highlands without visiting one of their strawberry farms where you can pick fresh strawberries and have it topped with a chocolate and cream or made it into fresh jams or even strawberry shake or float?

My dear cousin had carefully selected Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm for our experience. This isn’t my first time but it was for my mum, sis and Kak Ida’s family. We had absolute fun choosing & picking carefully, hoping to get the best ones while posing for pictures too!

This place is really ideal for any kind of travelers, couples and especially for strawberry lovers.

The entrance fee is free but if you’d like to pick strawberries, you have to pay rm30 for 1/2 kg. What I like about this place is, if your basket did not meet 1/2 kg weight, the staff will automatically add it for you! How lovely right? Totally value for money.

As a Singaporean, we are totally deprived of anything fresh. Fresh air or even fruits and vegetables. So a getaway to the Highlands in Malaysia is always an enjoyable moment to feel the cool air, pick fresh fruits and veges or even to just enjoy the scenery with a cup of hot chocolate or tea.

Once done picking your strawberries, you may proceed to the counter to have your homemade chocolate dip for less than rm10 if I’m not mistaken. I think it cost rm7?

We also tried strawberry waffles, strawberry float, strawberry shake, strawberry tea and strawberry coffee! I love the strawberry waffles and shake the most.

If you are not interested to pick your own strawberries, then you’re welcome to just try out the foods and drinks they sold at the Strawberry Cafe while enjoying the cool breeze. Nothing can go wrong when you can have your favourite coffee or tea with a scone or waffles right? =)

Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm is opened from 9.30am-5.30pm and is located at 42nd Mile Kea Farm, 39100,Cameron Highland, Malaysia. There’s a mini souvenir shop where you can buy your strawberry coffee, tea, biscuits, perfumes and anything else. I find that the prices here are much more better than the night market.

There’s also other strawberry farms around Cameron Highlands where you can explore and I will certainly be back to try other places and even coming back here!

Raju's Hill Strawberry Farm Fresh strawberry with homemade chocolate dip and whipped cream
Raju’s Hill Strawberry Farm Fresh strawberry with homemade chocolate dip and whipped cream

Doesn’t it look tempting to you? It certainly does to me and I’m drooling now.


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