Have you ever wondered if there’s any place you could enjoy basking in the mud right from the beach in Malaysia? Now, you’ll know you can! It’s about 15 mins drive from my cousins village in Rengit, Johor and you’ll get to bask and enjoy the mud at Pantai Perpat, Johor, Malaysia.

During my 2 week stay sometime in February 2014, last year, I asked dear cousin to bring me out to another beach where I can watch sunset again. This time, she asked if I’m interested with ‘Lumpur’ which literally means ‘Mud’ in Malay. With wide eyes and a big smile, I answered with a huge BIG excited “YES!!” And so off we go. I was told that we could roll around in it, so she reminded us to bring along a spare of dry clothes.

From the main road, you’ll need to turn in to a small lane that is filled with bushes and monkeys. Be careful and drive slow. Please do not feed the monkeys. Time strikes 6pm and there wasn’t much people around except for a group of photographers. And I was told that couples love to have their pre-wedding photo shoots taken here during sunset as well.

It was indeed a small beach where you can walk around and get to see a ‘Jetty’ made from bamboo sticks. Not sure if you could really walk on it but I love the view beneath it though.

Pantai Perpat Jetty made of Bamboo Sticks
Pantai Perpat Jetty made of Bamboo Sticks

While warming up, I walk around the beach with the little ones and watch them enjoying nature with a grin on my face. It’s awesome. We picked up seashells and I saw a few that is unique to me.

To the left of the jetty is where we start having fun. The moment I step into the mud, I started laughing and shiver. The water is very cold and the mud feels really ticklish and it’s very very slippery. I laugh with every step I take. The kids watch me in amusement and laugh at the funny faces I make. I couldn’t stop laughing and giggling for about 20 minutes till my stomach hurts. We went over to the other side where it’s almost out into the sea. More mud and it’s flat compared to the ones we needed to pass through where it’s filled with sea water.

While the kids were looking for crabs and fishes and whatever not that get stuck in the mud, I reach for a handful of mud and start throwing at them before running away. Mind you, it’s difficult to run in muds. And I always got hit! All 3 of them starts throwing mud back at me and to each other! It’s MUD WAR TIME! We did that continuously for about 15 minutes then ran back to the water mud. I gave up and just lay down and started giggling and laughing again when my hand reached down into the mud. I feel like a kid again and it felt soo good. After a few good minutes of silence and just swimming around, mud war begins again. It’s much much harder to run here due to the knee and hip level water that surrounds us. So instead of running, we duck into the water. And if anyone ducks out at the wrong time, they’ll get bull’s eye! Hitting them right at the face! ‘Ouch!’

As the sun sets and before the sky gets darker, we changed into our dry clothes. There isn’t any toilet available so we use a kain batik to cover each other. Very kampung lifestyle. I’m blessed and it’s all thanks to my cousin for bringing me here. Thank you, Kakwe.

Here’s the beautiful gloomy sunset.

Sunset at Pantai Perpat, Johor
Sunset at Pantai Perpat, Johor

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