Born petite, I’m always told to eat more & I bet you’ll say the same thing too when you see me. But little did this people know that I do eat alot AND donating it back generously to the waste department almost an hour after every meal. Yeah, I have a very high metabolism rate. And sometimes if I eat too little, I will keep eating every 2 or 3 hours. I love to eat when I can.

I grew up in the tiny dot on the world map – ‘Singapore’ in Southeast Asia. Please, no, Sg is not part of China, thanks. And I have been moving alot within the country – from the north-west to north to east then central. As a child, I’m already a traveler in her own mini City.

I don’t believe 100% in horoscope but I’m an Aries. I’m always holding on to a full-time job and a freelance job where she ventures into freelance accounting, wedding cards & favours, event executive, wedding deco, and tutoring during her free time. She enjoys learning and growing in every way possible.Cause’ I’m truly a creative person. Only creative people will understand me, right?

To stop & breathe, I’d go for a swim. To ease my mind & soul, I seek the beach where the sea comes running & hitting the shores & the wind can just dance on the surface of the Earth. To relax my body, I’ll dance to the beat of the musics played from my own list. No, I’m not a clubber. But a home clubber where I can just dance my heart out without anyone commenting on my moves! I pray to keep this peace & serenity intact within my messed up mind & soul. Bowling is what I would do every fortnight if possible. Oh, I just love it. N no, I have never break my bones carrying the bowl.. ^_^

I love traveling, learning new cultures, make new friends every now and then, taking in the experiences with an open heart & mind and most importantly, I love travel because it makes me look at things in many different ways and how it teaches me many new things during the journey. Been doing it since young with grandpa to just our neighbouring country, Malaysia. Hey, it’s still travel, if you look at it from different perspective.

I don’t have a bucket list or a must place to visit or to tick off. I just travel to the country if I keep thinking about it & feels like exploring it and learning about everything in that country. Of course occasionally you’ll find that I go for a short trip to just get away from the hustle & bustle of this little mini city life. So this blog is where I share my experiences to maybe help you get some idea of the place if you intend to visit it someday or atleast gives you an idea of the activities that can be found there.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy sharing it. Do leave me a footprint of your comments or thoughts, good or bad or sarcastic or anything is fine with me cause it shows how much you care & love me. =))

So feel free to come on board & leave your footsteps whenever possible for keepsake!

Should you have any enquiries, offers, advertisements or even offering services, you may contact me at: and I will reply you accordingly.

Lia – schmolphin

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6 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hi
    I LOVE lour blog and your life !! I wish I could have been you at your age (well minus the dress). Hilarious how you comment on the boring part (accounting and finance). Been there; done that!! Langkawi is our first destination once we get settled in so your post inspired me even more !! Would love to say hello the first time we visit SG; if you’re not on the road that is !!
    Keep up the awesome work and enjoy life !!
    Rob and Diane

    1. Hi Rodi (Rob & Diane)!

      Love your combined name! Thank you for dropping by and loving my blog! You make me smile even more & eager to share more experiences here!

      Thank you so much for your encouragement & support ya! Awww,… Don’t say that, I’m sure you do have great moments when you were my age! Don’t compare to our generations coz it’s different, dear. Atleast now, together with a partner, I’m sure you’re enjoying more life and seeing more together!!

      Heeheee. Boring but not bored enough I guess. =) Are you planning to visit SG soon?? Anytime!! Please let me know if you’re coming here, we can meet up! Looking forward if I’m not away too!

      Thanks for dropping by and looking forward to your adventures in the other side of the world!

  2. Hey Lia,

    Traveling is a state of mind. Just being open to new things and constantly exploring, even if it just your own backyard. I wish you happy travels and thanks for stopping by my blog. Cheers! Anne 🙂

    1. Hola Anne!

      I agree! ‘Travelling is indeed a state of mind.’ We get lots of surprises when we explore starting with our own backyard, that makes the enthusiasm grows for more travel. I love your blog too! Wish you a safe & lots of memorable journey too!

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