Proboscis Monkey Frontview Photo By Mr Aji in Kinabatangan River Wildlife Sanctuary

Day 17, Thu, 13 November 2014 & Day 18, Fri, 14 November 2014

Being in Borneo meant looking forward to see Proboscis Monkey in Sabah. As one of the most iconic wildlife in the Southeast Asia of Borneo, one should not miss the chance of getting up close with them. Therefore, I have booked a 2D1N Wildlife Nature in Kinabatangan River with Mr Aji Expedition who have worked with Sir David Attenborough twice! His 2D1N package includes:

  • Accommodation at Sukau Evergreen Lodge
  • Transport Pick Up to Sukau Evergreen Lodge
  • Afternoon Boat Cruise
  • Night Walk
  • Morning Jungle Trekking
  • Small Group Tour

You can view his blog here. Important things to note before booking for this trip is that:

No tours can confirm that you get to see everything that you would like to see. Since this wildlife sanctuary is an open concept where the animals are free to come and go or move to any locations, there are times when some of this animals will not appear. Also, weather and timing plays a part. On another note, being in a small tour group is much better as it is best to keep noise to a minimal so that the wildlife does not feel threatened. So book with an open mind and nonetheless, please do your review and research as much as you can before booking with a specific tour group / guide or company.

Mr Aji came to pick me up at Sepilok B&B with a couple whom I would join for the tour group. We had a pit stop for lunch and it was the first time that Danutka and partner try the roti canai of which they loved it eventhough it was a little spicy for them till their faces turned red with every bite. It was hilarious seeing them trying to endure the hotness in between laughter.

The journey to Sukau takes about 1 hour plus through winding roads.

Sukau Evergreen Lodge

We arrived at Sukau Evergreen Lodge in Kinabatangan at about 2pm. I was given a spacious room which I have it all for myself. The fan room is decent and clean with a private toilet. There are 1 single and 1 queen bed in the room, perfect for a small family. You can store your items in the display shelf provided in the room. Blanket, towel and soap are provided.

Kinabatangan River Wildlife Sanctuary

Mr Aji would signed to his boat assistant to shut the engine as we begin to searched for the wild animals. If I remembered correctly, he pointed out to us a crocodile hideout of which I wasn’t able to see it clearly. As we moved on, we saw redhead primate on a branch slacking and looking back at us. Then slowly we saw a small family of mummy and baby monkey followed by the long tailed macaque who pooped infront of us. Yeah, exactly right infront of our boat. Luckily it wasn’t on the boat nor on any of our heads. It was funny how we all get excited like a small child! Do check out the video below for that scene.

As we go forward, sightings of proboscis monkeys gets closer and closer! Yay! Checklist done! They really do look very unique with their long nose. Sadly, we didn’t get to see any orang utans, snakes or pygmy elephants. We spent about 3 hours wandering in the sanctuary before heading back to the lodge in time for dinner.

Night Jungle Trekking in Kampung Sukau Forest

After dinner at about 8 pm, we head off for our night jungle trekking in Kampung Sukau which is right next to the Lodge. We were given a pair of boots for the trek. This is the perfect timing to get up close with all the wonderful music makers at night. We spent about 2 hours in the forest. I was hoping to see Owls but none is spotted. Here are some of the insects found during the walk.

Morning Jungle Trekking in Kampung Sukau Forest

Morning jungle trekking begins at about 7.30 am and it took us 2 hours of exploration. I was hoping to see Orang Utans but to no avail. We only get to see about 4 of their nest. It makes me wonder where do they go eh? We came across teakwood trees and the oldest tree in the forest. It is really big, mind you. We also spotted sunbear marks on one of the trees.

End of Morning Jungle Trekking

Photos By Mr Aji

After the expedition, Mr Aji was kind enough to share the photos he took using his professional camera during our tours. It was awesome.

Here’s a video of 2D1N Wildlife Nature in Kinabatangan River with Mr Aji Expedition:

Though we did not get to see much animals during this tour, Mr Aji had been great in trying to locate and point to us the animals. He seemed to be able to identify them through sounds even from a distance. It was a little disappointing but I truly enjoy the whole experience itself. Will I come back again? Maybe yes if I bring someone who is new to this activity. If you find that tours are expensive, why not diy? You can read this blog here for guidance.

If you are interested to book your stay with Sukau Evergreen Lodge, you can contact them at the number below.

Sukau Evergreen Lodge Kinabatangan
Sukau Evergreen Lodge Kinabatangan

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