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We are super excited to announce our 1st ever winner to our 1st ever survey for our 1st ever giveaway! It was such a great experience to be able to engage with our subscribers and everyone out there for our first ever survey, ‘Guess our Total Expenses for 2 weeks in Turkey’. We hear you and in fact, most of your suggestions are already in line on our upcoming videos! So be sure to stay subscribe to be the first to know when our next post, video and giveaway is out!

Why subscribe?

If you are wondering why you need to remain subscribe to both the website and youtube channel, it is for this very simple reason:

  1. You’ll receive notifications via email each time we release a new post / video or even survey!
  2. Which means you get to be the first batch of people who gets to answer before anyone else as we may delay in sharing to other platforms. This is important because if any case where there are more than 1 answers, we will select the ones that came in first!
  3. In future, we may provide useful and practical discount codes to everyone who has participated in our surveys.
  4. The more subscribers we have, the more giveaways we can do and hopefully the more valued prizes are able to be given away.

So keep it coming! Spread the word if you love this kind of thing and share with your family and friends to up your chances of winning!

Once again, thank you to everyone who has participated and don’t get dishearten if you don’t win. Keep participating in our upcoming survey and who knows, you are the next Lucky Star!

Please note that this is not a sponsored video!

To find out who is the winner and what is our budget for the ‘Guess our Total Expenses for 2 weeks in Turkey’, watch the video below!

Thank you & Cheers;

Lia Schmolphin

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